The Cabin

I am a country girl at heart, so it was so nice to leave the “big” city of Anchorage for the weekend.

After running 22 miles Saturday morning, we drove two hours north of Anchorage and arrived at my in-law’s cabin for the weekend. Complete with an outhouse.

That evening we went to a BBQ at my in-laws friend’s cabin. I had half of a burger, a small portion of potato salad and baked beans, two helpings of lettuce salad, watermelon, and two cookies. The never-ending hunger from my long run this morning was starting to set in. (I am not in the habit of taking pictures of everything I eat, so you will just have to use your imagination.)

Afterwards we sat around a fire while the kids shot off fireworks. Since the sun doesn’t set until 11:30 p.m., a bonfire with the sun still up doesn’t have the same ambiance, but it was still enjoyable. (I miss my dark, warm summer nights around the campfire.)

Sunday morning we got up and headed into Talkeetna. Talkeetna is a small town that thrives on tourism in the summer. It has a hippy, anything-goes, Alaskan feel to it. (Note the “bunny boots” in the picture.)

We headed over to Twister Creek Restaurant for brunch.

Craig and I almost always order two different things and share with one another. Craig ordered the veggie omlet. A three-egg omlet filled with a bunch of fresh veggies: spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, along with some smoked provolone cheese–very tasty!!

I ordered the granola yogurt. Fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola are a wonderful complement to each other: sweet, smooth, and crunchy. (I love crunchy food!!) The only down-side to my dish was the lack of oatmeal; it could have used a couple more spoonfuls.

What was cool about the granola and the bread is that the restaurant used the “spent grain” used in the making of beer from the brewery, Denali Brewing Co., next door. The bread was light and fluffy but still carried a nutty taste to it. I could have eaten a whole loaf!!

We then spent some time walking around Talkeetna and going into various shops.

That afternoon we went canoeing on a lake. It was so much fun!! The warm sun felt glorious!!

I even got to see my first float plane take off from the water.

Such a gorgeous day to be out on the water!

Later on that evening, after some more relaxation, we headed back into town to get some pizza. Craig and I shared bruchetta, a Greek salad, and a slice of Hawaiian pizza (Craig’s favorite).

After pizza, it was only natural to stop and get some homemade blueberry and mocha ice cream!!


Homemade with a John Deere ice cream maker!! (My dad would be proud!!)

It was a very relaxing weekend and fun to go somewhere new. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend as well!!


4 responses to “The Cabin

  1. I love reading blogs (especially when they are people I know). I look forward to seeing what adventures you have in Alaska! I also can’t wait to read some recipes and get some ideas for more variety. ~Kelly & Kevin

  2. Okay I don’t read many blogs because I don’t get time mainly right now, but of course I had to for you Michelle. It is always good to hear your happenings and how things are going for both you and Craig. Glad you had a good weekend and now that school is out that likely makes things less hectic. Happy running and eatting.


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