Anniversary Weekend – Part 1

Craig and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this past weekend. We spent the night in Girdwood, AK and went sea kayaking out of Whittier, AK. We had a lot of fun!!

Saturday morning, before we left, I did my long run as usual. Only two weeks until the marathon and this was my last long run ~ 20 miles in 3 hours. I did the first 10 by myself, and then Craig joined me for the last 10 on his bike.


After about 13 miles, it was time to refuel. (Breakfast held me over for quite a while.) GU Energy Gels are the best kind I’ve tried so far!! I’ve also tried the Clif and Gatorade energy gels, but I swear by GU!! They do have a thicker consistancy (sometimes I have to kind of chew them) but their flavors are superior to any other brands!! I especially like their Mint Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Triberry, Chocolate, and Espresso Love. I’ve also tried the Strawberry Banana, but it tasted like a really ripe banana–not as good in my opinion.

Still feeling good at mile 15. 🙂

After an ice bath, breakfast #2, and showering, we hit the road. On our way to Girdwood, we snacked on these crackers. They were quite delicious with our meunster cheese.

The drive along Turnagain Arm has amazing, breathtaking views. Even on a cloudy day, the towering, snow-capped mountains in every direction, ocean waters, and lush green pine trees still take my breath away.

Unfortunately, these pictures do not do justice!!

When we got to Girdwood, we checked into our hotel for the night at The Hotel Alyeska.


We had views of the gorgeous mountains from our window.

After getting settled, we spent some time exploring the hotel and surrounding grounds.

Craig wanted to make sure I included his animal rescue story in this post as well. So, here it goes. As we were walking around the hotel, we came upon this bird who was hurt. He was stuck in the stairwell with grates and wasn’t able to fly away. After taking his picture, Craig informed a hotel employee about the injured bird.

The employee came out and lifted the bird out of the stairwell. Here he is all rescued. My “one-with-nature” husband was so proud!!

More to come later!! Tomorrow, sea kayaking in Prince William Sound.

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