Food Reviews #2

When I go grocery shopping, I usually end up picking up something new each time. What can I say, I like trying new things (recipes, food, clothes, etc.)–it keeps things interesting!!

Lara Bar

I like Lara Bars because they have real, whole ingredients–no fillers or additives!! Most bars only contain 4-5 ingredients!!

Key Lime Pie

You could definitely taste the lime juice in this bar which gave it some zip. Obviously this did not taste exactly like key lime pie, but it did have a nice lime flavoring to it. I would recommend this flavor!

Chocolate Coconut Chew

This is my favorite flavor so far! It was sweet–but not too sweet–and the combination of chocolate and coconut complimented each other nicely.

Cherry Pie

The dried cherries in this bar had a nice tangy flavor, which is what I love about dried cherries. Of the three, though, this was my least favorite. It was still good; I just preferred the others.

Kombucha Beverages

What is kombucha? According to Wikipedia, it is a fermented tea–and apparently it has some ancient health benefits. I personally don’t know if drinking massive amounts of kombucha will cause all of your wrinkles to disappear off your face and the fat to fall off your hips, but I do know these beverages taste good!!

I am not sure what it is about these beverages that keeps me buying them. Initially the taste is kind of odd–you don’t know what to think, but then you find yourself taking another sip. . . and another sip. . . well, you get the point. They are just so light and refreshing (not heavy like a traditional soda). The only drawback is that they are a little pricey!!


You’ve gotta like ginger to enjoy this one, so it was a good thing I do like ginger!! (Actually, one of my favorite flavors of tea right now is Lemon Ginger.) The ginger flavoring definitely makes its presence known, but there is still the kombucha flavoring it is as well.

Divine Grape

This flavor was a winner. I had been wanting to try this flavor because I had heard good reviews about it from others and they were right. The grape flavor was very fresh and refreshing!!

Kashi’s TLC Dark Mocha Almond

I used to love granola bars. A few years back, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have 4-5 boxes of granola bars in my cupboards. (What can I saw, I love my carbs.) For whatever reason, though, I don’t live and die by granola bars nearly as much any more.

I did pick these guys up a while back (they were on sale and I had a coupon–score!!), and they were definitely worth it!! I loved the combination of almonds, dark chocolate, and mocha flavorings–you can’t get much better than that.

Clif Bars

I enjoy Clif bars, but after eating quite a few of them, all of the flavors start to taste the same; they all have the same underlying taste. Despite that, Clif bars are a great on-the-go item, and I did enjoy this Banana Nut Bread flavored bar. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it did taste like banana nut bread.

Food Should Taste Good

Oh my goodness gracious, the chips from Food Should Taste Good have to be my favorite brand of chips ever!!. It doesn’t matter what the flavor is, they all are dynamite!! These lime flavored chips are WAY better than the extra salty chips from Tostitos!! The lime flavor in these is much more authentic, and they are not doused in salt. These chips quickly disappeared in a few days!!

I have also tried the multigrain and olive flavors in this brand, and both were excellent!! The multi-grain is my favorite thus far–nutty and wholesome. You really have to like your olives to eat a lot of the olive kind.

I really want to try their sweet potato chips and chocolate chips. Yes, that’s right CHOCOLATE chips. I’m a little weary but definitely intrigued!

Time to do some more grocery shopping!!


2 responses to “Food Reviews #2

  1. whoa, I didn’t know you liked kombucha! I want to try making my own. Chris and I tried it once already but forgot about it and then it sat for awhile.

    Lara bars are definitely my favorite.

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