Soup Fanatic

Did you realize we had soup 3 nights this week? Plus I think I had it for two lunches as well?!?!?

Monday night: Feta Shrimp Skillet (That was really more like a soup than a skillet.)

Tuesday night: Butternut Squash Soup

Thursday night: Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

I guess this cool fall/winter weather is causing me to crave warm and comforting food!


This meal literally took me less than 10 minutes to prepare. I was starving when I got home!

I had the last of my fake chicken burgers, which are pretty decent!

I topped my burger with lettuce, tomato slices, and salsa. A great combination consumed in 0.2 seconds!

After a quick dinner, it was time to get a much needed haircut!

This was the first time I went to Stylized in Anchorage. It was a located in a small intimate home that was tucked away in a neighborhood. I got great service from Scott, the owner. He was very friendly, accommodating, and really listened to what I wanted! I got a simple trim, but I would feel very confident in his skills if I wanted to do something more drastic!


Here are some recipes I’ve been eyeing to make. Hopefully I’ll get time this weekend?!?!?

Chocolate Cobbler (oh, yeah!) that I found on Jessica’s blog.

– Pumpkin Buter (I’m not sure what recipe I’ll follow.)

15 Minute Pasta Salad by Caitlin

– My husband loveslovesloves pizza and loveslovesloves curry, which is why I really want to make Emily’s Indian Pizza Recipes!

Buckwheat Granola by Kath

– And a gazillion other things!

Sigh! Just not enough free time to bake/cook as much as I want. Can summer come soon?


Time to get a good night sleep before the Zombie Half-Marathon tomorrow!


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