Yoga Comparison

I am loving break so much and am not ready to go back to work yet ever!

I am so good at keeping myself busy and being super productive with my time. 🙂


Yesterday late afternoon, I went to a yoga class at Inner Dance Yoga with my friend Katie.


We attended a Yoga Flow class for $5, which is a steal of a deal!

I was optimistic it would be a great class, but I was kind of disappointed. It was quite a bit different than the two classes (class #1, class #2) I’ve taken at Anchorage Yoga.





Here are some of the differences I experienced between the two:

– Inner Dance has a much larger studio compared to Anchorage Yoga.

– One entire wall of the Inner Dance Studio has windows, whereas the studio at Anchorage Yoga is windowless.

(I personally liked the fact there weren’t windows because the lights could be dimmed–and the room could be dark–for a serene ambiance.)

– The room at Inner Dance was only slightly warm, while the room at Anchorage yoga was HOT–but then again this could be due to the type of class I’ve taken at Anchorage Yoga.

(The Inner Dance room was not warm enough for me, personally. I liked getting a good sweat in the hot room.)

– The instructor styles were quite different.

– The overall vibe was different. The class at Inner Dance felt more like a beginner’s classes (to a certain extent), whereas the classes at Anchorage Yoga felt more advanced.

With all that said, I have to admit it is hard to compare and contrast the two because my first yoga experience was at Anchorage Yoga, so that’s probably where my expectations stem from.

Overall, it was a great class, and I would recommend it to a friend, but I, personally, don’t think I will be returning.


Since Katie and I didn’t have a chance to hang out or a talk during our yoga class, we decided to meet up at 6:30 a.m. this morning for some coffee at Kaladi Bros. Coffee.


While I sipped on my decaf coffee, I also had a bowl of overnight oats that I had made up the night before. (Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures.)

When I got back, I did a few things at home, and then my friend Lindsey came over to go on a run. We pounded out 5 miles, in the “balmy” 13 degrees! That’s twice as warm as yesterday, folks!

After we got back, Craig called and wanted to meet up for lunch, so we met him at Subway for a quick bite to eat.

I had a Subway Club with turkey, ham, and roast beef with: provolone cheese, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, olives, and honey mustard.


This afternoon I was busy doing laundry, blog work, and am now off to the gym to pump some iron. I try to go to the gym twice a week to lift weights, but it usually ends up being only once a week.



What thing(s) do you value in a good yoga studio/class?


3 responses to “Yoga Comparison

  1. I love yoga! I value having instructors who are supportive and who don’t take yoga so seriously that they suck all the fun out of the class.

  2. Hello,

    I will respond after Christmas we missed you at the celebration. The lutefisk almost started on fire after G and G’s oven decided to burn out so now they are getting a new stove to keep up with your new dishwasher. Yes we had a fire in the oven when we had put the lutefisk in and then had to take that over to your M & D’s oven to bake also the next day lasgne had to go over too. That’s hard to make things without the oven. After all that I took G & G to the store on Tuesday to shop and look at the stoves. They will get their new one on Friday.

    We have rain today all day it’s warm, but supposed to get snow by tomorrow so that will freeze everything up. Ugh I hate driving on ice. I have to work tomorrow all day.

    This is really long I see so I will cut off haven’t taken yoga and don’t know if I will, but Shirley has been taking it in BLF.

    See you


  3. I know what you mean about the lights and the windows. I recently just took yoga at a new studio and they had all the lights on and didn’t use any music. Since I’m used to teaching with dimmed lights and soft music, it totaly threw me off!

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