Food Trends

After posting the other day about fashion trends (or lack there of), my sister told me about a website that highlights up-and-coming food trends.

This information comes from the Food Watch Trends website. Check it out for more information!

These are the current food trends for “mainstream” America:

– balsamic vinegar

sweet potatoes

packaged salad greens


– chipotle chiles

– Gorgonzola cheese

Then there are those people who are tip-toeing around the idea of embracing any food trend but can’t quite make the full leap. These people can be found eating:

– caramelized anything

Mexican chocolate

– habanero chiles

– panko

– crab cakes

– sea salt

And for those yuppies out there who are more adventurous, urban, and well-educated, these are the new foods to be on the watch for:

– alfajor cookies: a sugar cookie filled with dulce de leche and then rolled in coconut


– aracine (I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly these are.)


garam masala: a blend of Indian spices used to add “heat” to dishes


– panzanella: a bread salad with tomatoes, onions, basil, olive oil, and vinegar


– Spanish cheeses


– tamarind: an Indian date


I loved researching these different foods and discovering what else is out there! Can I please find a job like this?


This morning I ran 6 miles outside. It was pretty slow going: I was plodding through snow, I was hungry, my legs felt tired from my two-a-day workout yesterday, and just physically tired, so I took it easy and spent my time daydreaming about summer! Although I probably can’t complain about 32* when there are wicked windchills elsewhere.


Distance: 6 miles

Time: 53 minutes

Weather: 32 degrees, no wind

After work today, Craig and I went to the gym where I lifted weights for 30 minutes. I alternated between arm lifts and ab workouts.



What other items would you classify as an up-and-coming food trend?


15 responses to “Food Trends

  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of people use cardamom in their dishes. Some friends of mine had my husband and I over for dinner recently and they made us honey cardamom coriander walnut milkshakes, and they, were, AWESOME! I highly recommend this combination.

  2. WHOAH alfajor cookies! I might have to make those ASAP!

    I LOVE Spanish cheese, garam masala, and panzanella! And I’ve been cooking with sweet potatoes like I’m getting paid to (wouldn’t that be nice?!).

  3. Hi! I’ve recently discovered your blog and been following for a little while 🙂

    I actually know what Arancini are! They’re an Italian dish – risotto balls, coated in bread crumbs, and deep fried. Totally not health food, but yummy nonetheless!

    Really interesting post!

  4. I liked the post, especially how you described each categorized of the different food trends and the pictures of the upcoming food trends. Now I know a little bit more about those foods because I had never heard of any of those foods and no one in my class did either.

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