Goals for Mayor’s Marathon

T-Minus 4 days until my marathon! eek!

It makes me nervous thinking about the marathon! I definitely feel more nervous going into this marathon than my first one because I know what to expect!

I really had no idea what to expect for my first marathon. Okay, so I had an idea: I knew that it would be a long ways to run and I knew what the traditional race environment atmosphere would entail: long lines at the bathroom, a crowded start, aid stations throughout, etc, but I did not expect the intense pain that would happen or the incredible feeling I will have once I crossed the finish line!

Now that I know what to expect, I am nervous and anxious but still excited for this race!

I am a very goal-oriented person and wanted to share my goals for Mayor’s Marathon with you!

First, here is a summary of my results from my first marathon – Grandma’s Marathon that I ran June 2010:

Screen shot 2011-06-08 at 10.57.52 AM


– First and foremost, my goal is to qualify for Boston by running 3:40 or faster.

(Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I will actually get into Boston.)

– If everything goes well, I would love to get 3:35—and 3:30 would leave me ecstatic!

– I am also really hoping not to walk at all during this marathon.

(I had to walk quite a bit during my first marathon. I hit the wall at about mile 19, and as you can see above, it took me over an hour to complete the last 6 miles!)

Fuel more!! This is huge and why I think I hit the wall at mile 19!!

– Not to get mulled by a bear!


I did a naked run this morning!

No, not that kind of “naked!” This kind of naked: no watch!


Distance: 4 miles

Time: ?? – no watch

I ran a route I knew was 4 miles, so I didn’t have to worry about my time! It was refreshing and relaxing. Everyone needs to do this every once in a while!

I can’t believe how difficult my runs have been lately though. I’m hoping it is just psychological and that this week of rest will be what I need to get some kick back in my legs before Saturday!

Time to watch The Bachelorette!!



What do you do the week of a race that you think is critical for you to perform well?

Any Bachelorette fans out there?? What are your thoughts on this season?


14 responses to “Goals for Mayor’s Marathon

  1. I have signed up for my first 10k, in the mountains, with lots of elevation. I live in Kansas, on the prairie, with an elevation change in my normal run of 70 feet. I’ve only been running since the end of January, with major health issues and wanting to get a grip on that as well as pain. That has been accomplished, thank You Lord, and I’ve run 4 races, 3 of them being 5k’s. I am so stinkin’ scared right now that I bit of more than I can chew, any suggestions?

    By the way, you are an amazing runner, and I wish that I lived where I could cheer you on this weekend on your marathon!

    • If you don’t have access to steep hills/mountains to train on, I would definitely do some weight lifting for your legs (squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc.) to build up muscles in your legs. It isn’t the same as training on hills, but then at least your legs will be stronger to power up the hills. In college, we didn’t have access to many hills, so we would be sure to go to the weight room twice a week to build up our leg muscles. I hope that helps!

  2. You’re going to do a fantastic run! I don’t have any tips because I think you’re probably more skilled as a runner, but good luck!!

  3. You’re going to rock it! I usually study the race course a lot. I think it really helps to know what turns are coming if you are mentally struggling.

  4. Lots of stretching is always critical the week before racing! I also find that doing a bit of speed work helps–reduced volume but just a few quick sprints. For a marathon distance that might mean doing 1 or 2 800m sprints.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I have been making sure to stretch twice a day, and I also did some 400s and 800s on the track yesterday. I hope it helps!

  5. I think with all your hard training you are going to do great on your marathon. I am not a huge fan of this season of the Bachelorette. I love the show, but it always seems to be the same. A guy leaves, comes back and returns to stir things up, etc. I just wish they would put a little more into the show.
    I did notice that this season the guys are as bad as the girls, gossip and all…talk about drama!

  6. You are going to kill the marathon I bet. You seem to have your head in the game.

    I don’t watch The Bachelorette, but I am hearing so much about it so I feel like I’ve seen it.

  7. As for the bachlorette…..This season I am not really digging Ashley. She seems a little desperate. But as far as the guys, I think they are all pretty decent. There isn’t one that is repulsive yet that hasn’t already been voted off.

  8. Wishing you all the best Michelle on your upcoming marathon.

    I have not watched Bachelorette at all.

    See you in 1 1/2 weeks.


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