Yogurtland Love

After nearly 36 hours, my eyes are still dilated!!

The eye doctor said it would take longer for the dilation to go down since I have blue eyes, but he also said it would only be a couple of hours! Seriously this is not cool!


The most annoying part is how my near-sighted vision has been compromised. I literally couldn’t do anything yesterday afternoon that involved me having to focus on anything close-up (i.e. working on the computer, reading, looking at a recipe, etc.) (Now I know how you feel Mom and Dad!)

So I had to resort to watching The Bachelorette on Hulu. . . . I know, I lead a tough life.

. . . . . . . . . .

Craig and I just had to make one last trip to Yogurtland tonight before I leave for Minnesota on Friday!


This time we rode our bikes!


It was a glorious ride!

When we got to the airport, (If you are a new reader, yes, our Yogurtland is at the airport!) we had to find a spot where TSA wouldn’t confiscate our bikes!


I’m pretty sure we are the only people who show up to the airport in biking gear.


I spotted this bear on the escalator ride to Yogurtland.

I’m pretty sure Anchorage is the only airport that has stuffed wildlife just hanging out for the travelers to see. (Oh, our mall also has a stuffed moose and grizzly bear!)


I love how every time we go to Yogurtland, there are always new flavors of fro-yo to choose from!


I was a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of my full bowl.

It basically looks the same each time: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! 🙂


And Craig like his “hibernating bears” fro-yo!


. . . . . . . . . .

The soreness from my marathon is starting to go away. I had a massage on Monday, which I think helped quite a bit.

However, my latest marathon-related injury is that I discovered I have a blister under the bed of my big toe nail!! This might be TMI, but I did pop it by sticking a pin under the toe nail. Ick! I know, but I had to do it!


What is your oddest injury from running or exercise in general?


13 responses to “Yogurtland Love

  1. I have not had any odd injuries (yet thankfully!), just the normal blister or pulled muscle. I also had froyo (my first time! well, I’ve had frozen yogurt, but not the fun eatery kind) last night and I totally get why everyone is in love with it!

  2. oh fun! we have a fro yo date planned for tonight- i can’t wait 🙂 as for injuries….well, i’ve had alot of blisters under toe nails, not fun at all. thankfully that’s about the worst of it. i’ll take it! 🙂

  3. I remember a while back after running a 15 mile run I lost my toe nail. It did not hurt at all, just popped right off. Could not show my toes the rest of the summer though, bummer!

  4. Since I’m such a newbie at running, I don’t have a reply. BUT….we travel to Maui a couple of times a year (yes, we enjoy retirement!) and they have a Yogurtland; my fave is Red Velvet Cake Batter!


  5. I had my first run-in with self serve fro you this week on vacation in San Francisco. I am in love wiht it – but they don’t have any around me! Jealous you have one you can BIKE to!

  6. Blister under the toenail?!? Never had that one! Sounds painful!! My toenails (only big toe and the one next to it) ALWAYS turn black, bubble up, and then fall off after every half/full marathon. Not fun, but worth it 🙂

    Your yogurtland bowl sounds like my yogurtland bowl…CHOCOLATE! 🙂

  7. I went to the eye doctor about a month ago and had my eyes dialated, too. I looked so cracked out! It drove me nuts that I couldn’t see anything up close. Luckily it was on a Friday after work so I just hung out at my apartment and watched lame tv, by the next morning it was gone but my eyes were so sore. It was such a weird experience!

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