Country Living

I have arrived!

I left the mountains of Alaska:


for the prairies of the Midwest:


I left mid-morning on Friday, so I had time to make breakfast before I left.

I wanted to have one last bowl of oatmeal before I left because I figured I wouldn’t be able to make them at home.


However, I am definitely getting tired of oatmeal. I think I need to do something to change it up!

When I get back from my trip, I think I’m going to make steel cut oatmeal instead and try some new toppings!


While at the airport, I had a tall decaf coffee frappuccino from Starbucks before boarding my flight.


It was a 5+ hour flight from Anchorage to Minneapolis, so it gets to be pretty long. I did have a whole row to myself, which was nice.

Luckily someone had left the Star Tribune newspaper, so I spent a good hour reading that. I also had brought Running on Empty with me and the movie Marley & Me. I attempted to sleep, but I am never able to fall asleep on airplanes.


When I arrived in Minneapolis, I was greeted with temps in the low-70s and partly sunny skies. (It was 60* and sunny when I left Anchorage.)

A sunset on the drive home was a welcomed sight–and something I haven’t seen in a while!


We also saw this huge flock of geese. (This was only about half of them.)


And the Morristown Dam. (That one’s for you, Honey. ;))


I love how being at home makes me feel so at ease and like I truly fit it.

Home also means being in the country. I grew up on a family farm and love the serenity the country life provides. I don’t know if I’ll every fully embody the city life.



Are you more of a city person or country person?

Where do you feel the most “at-home?”


9 responses to “Country Living

  1. Welcome back to MN! πŸ™‚

    I also grew up in the country and I LOVE it–however, I also love the city!! I truly could be happy either place but I don’t know if I could ever see myself settling permanently in the city–I could probably just live there for a few years for some sort of adventure. πŸ˜€

  2. I am a city girl slowly turning to a country girl…it has been hard but I am starting to find the perks of living in the middle of nowhere. I feel at home most when I have my puppy Cooper with me and Craig, my small little family always makes me feel like I am at home πŸ™‚ Have a great vacation!!

  3. Definitely a city girl. To me, I think there’s the city, the country, and the suburbs. I grew up in the suburbs, and while they are busy and have lots of people, it feels to me like they lack culture. That’s why portland’s my favorite, more than enough culture to go around :).

    But like you, I’ve never felt like I fit in alaska.

    • I am actually from Waseca. I took a picture of the dam in Morristown because when Craig and I worked at a summer camp, all the counselors would go to Dam Days and hang out for the evening! Ha!

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