You may have noticed that I have not done any running since the marathon on Saturday, June 18.

At first, I was WAY too sore to even walk, so I knew running was out of the question.

Then I flew to Minnesota and have been busy spending time with my family.

I considered running on Saturday, but then I remembered trying to run a week after my first marathon. I distinctly remember that not working out so well—I could barely run a mile—so I just waited until the start of this week.

I was pumped! I was really excited and ready to get back to pounding the pavement this morning!


I started out running really slowly because I didn’t know how my body would feel. At first I felt out-of-shape, but I took it easy. However, after a mere 5 minutes, I felt a twinge in my right hamstring. I stopped to stretch it and walked a little before running again.

Unfortunately it did not feel better, so I ran/walked a while before turning around and heading back home.

I was really hoping to run 4 miles today, but I guess that will have to wait. 😦


I iced my hamstring after I got back and also took some ibuprofen.

I am really hope this doesn’t last too long because I want to do a lot more running this summer before the racing season ends!



I know I used to think overnight oats were gross. . . I mean, cold oats, come on!?!? But I have really grown to enjoy them!


This bowl of overnight oats contained:

– old-fashioned oats

– milk

– Greek yogurt

– chia seeds

– vanilla extract

– dash of salt

Toppings: strawberries (fresh from my mom’s garden), Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and peanut butter



I have actually been waiting for this day since. . . . ummm. . . . .April?!?!

Today I finally got my hair done by my favorite stylist, Bobbi, at Xpressions Salon.

(Yes, I come all the way to Minnesota to have my hair done. I have searched high and low for a hairstylist that I like in Anchorage, but I’m always disappointed (or just not impressed) with the results.)


I love the cute little house (?) the salon is in!


I had some fun with the camera while I was waiting.


I wasn’t very impressed with his looks.








Here are just a few photos from yesterday.

My aunt and uncle celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary!

I was about 4 months old when they got married!


And some more fishing photos:

Northern Pike

It is funny because in Minnesota we refer to them as “northerns,” but in Alaska they call them “pike.”


My brother, Mike, with a bass. (I don’t remember if it is a large mouth or small mouth bass.)


My future home:


Ha! Ha! Just kidding, we were pretty sure this used to be a boat shed that was converted to a guest house. The master house is up the hill, tucked away in the trees!


Tonight I am going to visit my sister at camp and go to a campfire with her! I can’t wait. I miss having campfires when it is actually dark out! (That is something I never thought about before moving to Alaska!)



What is something you never considered before moving to your current place of residence (or a previous place you’ve lived)?


9 responses to “Finally

  1. I never considered what it would be like to go off to college after living in the country most of my life. The street lights shining in was almost to much, as I was so used to the dark night. 😉

    Of course, that was many moons ago.

  2. I hope your hamstring gets better and I love the new hair!! I never really conisdered what it would be living in the middle of nowhere, I always figured it would be no big deal..but as Craig and I have looked at houses I am starting to realize that once we have a family, our kids won’t have neighbors, just something different from the way that I grew up.

  3. i love your hair! i hope your leg gets better…in the first several weeks of running post marathon for me i had some random twinges but nothing too serious. thankfully, they’ve gone away after 2-3 weeks so i hope it’s quicker for you!

  4. Love the new hair!

    And…..good to see you back out running! Gosh, your way better than me. I do Yoga for a week or more after a race….running is only when I feel 100% a-OK.

    Hope your leg gets better! Advil is a runners best friend 🙂

  5. Hair looks great! And glad you decided to stop running when your body wasn’t up for it. I hope it feels better soon.

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