Family & Friends

I have had many opportunities to spend time with family and friends during these past couple of weeks in Minnesota, and it has been AWESOME!!

I’ve tried to see as many people as I could because it has to last me a long time until I am able to see them again! 😦

One day for lunch, my grandparents took me, my mom, and my dad out get something to eat. It was my choice where we went, so I chose Jonnie Beans because I enjoyed our experience the previous time we went.


Their beverage menu features fair-trade coffee, espresso, smoothies, and wine.

The cafe also serves breakfast all day and a variety of lunch entrees.


Can’t resist posting a moose picture on here.


My grandparents are so cute!

My grandpa will be 91 years old in August. . . . and both of them still exercise several times a week! 🙂


For my entree, I ordered the vegetarian panini sandwich, which was the same thing my sister got last time.


My mom ordered a half chicken salad sandwich with a cup of soup.


And my dad got the special: roast beef panini.


I did not hear anyone complain about their food, so I’ll take that as a good sign! 😉


One evening, I also met up with a couple friends I met while working at Camp Omega.

Carol & Charity


Carol recommended the restaurant Olives in Mankato, so Charity and I drove over to Mankato and met her there for dinner one evening.


I loved the atmosphere and decor: super cute, modern, and elegant.


The best appetizer I’ve had in quite some time:

Crostini Quattro

Fresh Roma Tomato and Basil Smooth Goat Cheese and Olives Citrus Navy Bean and Artichoke


I ordered:

French Brie and Mixed Green Salad

Crispy Lavash Bread Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing

Don’t worry, it was bigger than it looks like in the picture. I ordered the “small” and it was a perfect amount. (I wasn’t super hungry.)


Sushi was the special of the night, which is what Carol and Charity ordered.

They said it was good!


After dinner we hung out, talked, reminisced, and caught up on each other’s lives.

It was so refreshing to have meaningful conversations with people with the same values and mindset!

Charity, Carol, and I


I am off to enjoy the 80* day and sunshine in my tank top and shorts because pretty soon it will be back to pants and sweatshirts all too soon. 😦


5 responses to “Family & Friends

  1. Oh my gosh – your grandparents are the most adorable people in the world!! Good for them for still being active! That’s how I hope to be 🙂

    Also, that sushi looks AMAZING! That place is so cute!

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