Guest Post: Loaves Abound

Hello Runner’s Plate Readers! My name is Jenn and I blog over at Loaves Abound!

Michelle’s husband and my husband Ross are best buds – they worked together at Camp Omega.

Craig was the best Best Man ever – he was super supportive, hilarious, gave us great advice and even cooked for us! Like husband like wife.

Craig gave a wonderful Best Man speech at our wedding.

So that’s how I met Michelle – and although I’ve only ever spent 2 days with her – one in Portland and one in Seattle – I have to tell you that she has really inspired me.

First, I LOVE her blog and have used it frequently for recipes. She really inspired healthful eating in me.

Second, she inspired me to start my own food blog. I am pretty passionate about baking bread and about FLOSSy food: fresh, local, organic,seasonal and sustainable.

Third, Michelle has taught me to love breakfast. While I am not really an oatmeal lover, I have fallen in love with Overnight Oats, but what was the most inspiring was the idea that you can be super creative with your toppings!

Here is my favorite breakfast combination that I wanted to share with you:

Vanilla Yogurt and Pumpkin Granola

Homemade vanilla yogurt with local milk
Organic frozen blueberries
Almond Butter
A few chocolate chips

I love this combination so much that sometimes I have it for dessert in the evenings!

I wish I could say that Michelle has inspired me to run a marathon… but for now I’m just going to stick to climbing mountains.

Thanks Michelle!

What inspires you?


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