Free Weekend

14-mile run + 3 hours of intense hiking yesterday = one tired Michelle today!

My butt was parked on the couch all morning catching up on The Bachelorette and reading blogs because I am sore and tuckered out!

Craig and I are enjoying a weekend of freedom—just the two of us hanging out with “nothing” (there’s always something) to do. We have had something going on every weekend since the end of MAY, so this weekend of freedom was much-needed.

I’ll just leave with with a couple photos from our hike yesterday to Little O’Malley.


IMG_0083 IMG_0084


6 responses to “Free Weekend

  1. 14 miles? are you training for another marathon? or just keeping up an amazing base? i’m totally jealous. it’s been months since i’ve done a long run….

    • I thought about doing a marathon in August, but I am just not going to be ready since I just did one in June. I plan to run a half though.

  2. Sweet! My friend and I drove to our cabin yesterday as my hubs is gone for a week. She and I are going hiking in about an hour. Will post pictures later on my own blog. And on Saturday I went for my long run, first time since I ran my 10k Mountain trail race on the 4th of July. Was hard, but it felt good.

    Enjoy your Monday!

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