4 Things

1. I am not going to do any running today. I need a break!

I am hoping to go on a nice long bike ride with Craig though. 🙂


2. Can you spot the difference between the left and right shoe?


See how the silver triangle-shaped parts towards the toe box—on the side where my pinky toe would be—are filled in on the left shoe but not on the right shoe?

I’m guessing that when the shoes were made, the person or machine didn’t punch out the silver part on the left shoe.

I thought it was kind of funny. I discovered it at the gym the other day.

3. I am registered!

I am officially signed up for the Big Wild Life RunHalf-Marathon sponsored by Skinny Raven.

Screen shot 2011-08-05 at 1.26.56 PM

I have been thinking about doing this race ever since I completed the marathon in June. I was hoping I could run the marathon at this event and try to qualify for Boston one last time, but I don’t think my body can bust out another marathon.

Okay, it probably could, but I do not feel I would even come close to qualifying, so I’ll try to PR in the half-marathon. My PR from my first half I ever ran still stands at 1:36.03, so I would love to beat that time!

4. I am kind of burning out on this blog thing.

Once my job starts, I don’t know how much time I’ll spend blogging. It honestly takes away from my time with Craig in the evenings and it didn’t give me time to truly relax and unwind after work this past year.


17 responses to “4 Things

    • I know, right? I blogged all of last year, and I made it work, but I don’t want to look back on these years and realize my husband and I hardly had any time together.

  1. I really hate to see your blog go…I have it as a shortcut on my desktop. I have enjoyed all of it. In fact, I have been toying with starting one myself because of your blog. I understand wanting to spend more time with your hubby though. I wish you all the best.

  2. i totally feel you on the blog thing. one thing that helps me is to do what i can on it over the weekend and do more during the week if i can, but if i can’t, i can’t. maybe you can try changing the format of your blog to fit your schedule better for the fall? good luck figuring things out…

  3. What if you just changed your blogging frequency? Only do 2-3 posts a week as opposed to everyday? That was it won’t be overwhelming.

  4. I do agree. I have cut down my blogging a lot more and it has worked wonders on my mind. I have stared at your shoes for the past 10 minutes and cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on differently with them ha.

  5. It took me forever to figure out your shoes. I thought you were trying to trick me. (;

    i feel you on the whole blog thing. I just started mine not too long ago and I still want a break from it. It’s a lot of work.

    • It is a lot of work! I knew it would be, yet at the same time I didn’t really realize how much time it would take until I had to fit it into my already-busy schedule!

  6. I’ve been reading! I googled “Yasso 800s” a few weeks ago and found your blog. I love healthy eating too (uh.. most of the time) and I love the Alaska pictures!

    I’m training for the Berlin marathon next month. You are fast!! My PR is only 4 hours, 19 minutes. I’m hoping for 4:10 this time around.

    You and Craig seem like a nice couple and I love to read about other people’s running, recipes and camping! : )

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