Last Day of Summer Break

Super sad face. . . .

Today is my last day of summer break. 😦

Teachers have to report tomorrow. . . . students start next Tuesday.


As for now, I am going back to teaching. . . . . but who knows what the future holds for me?!?!


I did have a very enjoyable run with a friend this morning! We covered 5 miles together (which FLEW by), and then I ran another 2 on my own.

Distance: 7 miles

Time: 62 minutes

Weather: fall-like

Seriously, it is starting to feel like FALL already!! I’m back to wearing long sleeves and capris already! 😦



For lunch I had my new favorite salad that I have been enjoying a lot lately!

lettuce (romaine today, but I really like the spring mix)

parmesan cheese (I don’t always add this, but we had it in the fridge.)


sunflower seeds

Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing (love that stuff!)


As part of my lunch, I also had a Clif bar.

I have pretty much overdosed on Clif bars, but I bought this before camping as an emergency snack but didn’t end up eating it then.

I was more excited to try this bar because it was a new flavor: Coconut Chocolate Chip!

Consensus: it was quite delicious! My favorite Clif bar flavor thus far! 🙂


As I was packing my lunch for tomorrow, I noticed my carrot was quite “wilty” and flexible.


Usually when this happens, it may seem as though the carrot wouldn’t be any good, but in reality,all you have to do is to place the carrot (sticks) in water and they will regain their crunchy-ness!


Alright, time to catch some ZZZZZs before the big first day tomorrow!!



What was your favorite thing about starting a new school year?

I loved wearing all my new clothes!


7 responses to “Last Day of Summer Break

  1. Hi there,
    I just had to drop you a few words to let you know how much I used your blog for our recent trip to Alaska. I had written about a month ago asking you about Winner Creek. We did that hike with our kids and loved the tram. We also ate at Middle Way Cafe, The Bear Tooth, Snow City, twister creek and Yogurtland! So, thanks for all the great info. We were in Denali about three days after you and did NOT see McKinley:( We were in Seward about a week before you……Anyway, thanks for all your thoughts and Alaska info. My husband is a teacher here in Colorado and he had to go back today… MAJOR sad face.
    Hope your school year goes well!

  2. I can’t believe you’re back at school already! Seems like your break just started. I report two weeks from today, although I’m going in today to look at curriculum for next year..

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