Sunday = Sun Day

Craig and I couldn’t pass up the nice weather outside to spend it inside!

We definitely had some dreary/cloudy/rainy weather last week, but these past few days have been quite nice: sunny and fairly warm.


After church today, we got our groceries for the week, and then went to play a round of disc golf at Hanshew Middle School.

This is Craig’s favorite disc golf course in Anchorage because there’s hardly anyone else playing on the course and your discs never get lost.


The course has nine holes and each hole is par three.


I wasn’t too concerned about my performance today, and I think I actually did better—go figure!


Disc golf is one of Craig’s favorite summer-time activities.


The sun felt so warm today, which also warmed my heart. πŸ˜‰ (cheesy? yes!. . . . but also true!)

DSC_0018 DSC_0019 DSC_0042

I just bought this Nike long-sleeve running top at Costco today for $25.


I really like the top so far. I haven’t run in it yet, but I like the long sleeves and the longer length in the torso.


Afterward we stopped for some food at Firetap. Originally we were planning on going out for a nice dinner Saturday night, but our plans changed, so we went out tonight—but just for a casual dinner.

We have been to Firetap in the past, but haven’t been overly impressed with the food. It is good, but nothing great. (Although I would go back for their giant pretzel I had last time!)

We think this restaurant gets a lot of business because it is one of the only nicer restaurant/bars on the south side of Anchorage.


The decor inside has a very tasteful modern vibe, so the flat-screen TVs on the walls (for the bar-feel) kind of throw me off. Eh, whatever. . . not a big deal.


Craig and I shared the Oriental Chicken Salad:

Fresh greens, roasted red peppers, chicken breast strips, cranberries, and crispy Oriental noodles tossed in a wasabi vinaigrette

We liked the salad, but it wasn’t anything special. Plus we thought it was kind of funny the “crispy Oriental noodles” were chow mein noodles.


We also split a small Firetap Signature Sonoran Pizza:

ancho chili sauce, chorizo, black bean and corn relish, pico de gallo and house cheese blend


The pizza had a very strong taco taste to it. We liked it, but it seemed like it would be pretty easy to recreate at home.

The pizza dough was my favorite part. πŸ™‚


Right now we Craig is watching the movie: The Other Guys. (We had a code to get a free movie from the Redbox.), while I work on this blog post.

Actually, I don’t think he’s that impressed with the movie; he seems to be losing interest.




In running news. . . .

I am tapering this week for my half-marathon (Big Wild Life Runs) next Sunday.

This past Saturday, I ran 11 miles—my last long run before the race.

Overall it went well, but I am looking forward to this week of less mileage for a good performance next Sunday.


I am off to bed, so I can be well rested for another work day.


7 responses to “Sunday = Sun Day

  1. I know this might throw you off a tad, but I would gladly eat some of the things that you are able to get in Alaska as for me here in my little corner of Ks all salads are iceburg lettuce and no vegetarian dishes what-so-ever. It is a good thing that I enjoy being in the kitchen!!

    Will be thinking of you for your half-marathon!!! You will rock it, and keep your eyes on Him! πŸ™‚

  2. That pizza look so so good! I remember my first time “frolfing” as my guy friends like to call it…involved quite a few hunts for my lost discs. I love that nike top its such a pretty color!

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