Raindrops In My Oatmeal

We are having a Pacific NW rain today—light and drizzly. It rarely ever pours here!

August is a very wet, rainy month here in Anchorage. Craig claims it never used to be like this when he was growing up, but for the 4 years I’ve been here, it definitely rains a lot during August—and in July sometimes too.

It has felt like fall for the past 3 weeks here that I am forgetting some of you are still enjoying 90* days! Not me, I’ve broken out my fall jacket, capris for running, and brought back hot oatmeal to my breakfast repertoire.


It has been a long time since I’ve had a bowl of oatmeal, so it was nice to change things up a bit!

I followed my standard oatmeal recipe and added half of a banana and frozen blueberries to this bowl.


Iced decaf coffee on the side.


Last night Craig and I took a walk and had some fun with the camera.

Craig says I look like a meth addict in this picture. I’m not sure he looks sane either.


Yes, we are wearing the same sweatshirt and jacket. Craig insisted that we dress alike for our walk.

He will often wait to see what I am wearing to church on Sunday and then try to dress like me. 😉 And sometimes we accidentally dress alike!


We even both wore Saucony shoes!



Do you and your spouse/significant other dress alike on purpose or accidentally?


8 responses to “Raindrops In My Oatmeal

  1. We definitely dress alike accidentally–never on purpose!

    Also, I wouldn’t classify Pacific NW rain as drizzly. Oregon has its fair share of downpours.

  2. Both Augusts I have been here have definitely felt like an Oregon winter. And I can really see the meth addict in that pic 😉 chris and I used to accidentally match for church on Sundays all the time!

  3. Craig always cracks me up- it’s nice to see that you can hold your own in regards to goofy pictures, though 🙂

    I recall August being quite rainy!

    Hubby & I sometimes dress alike too, but I have also found that I will dress Little Boy in a certain color and then without realizing it, put on the same color myself when getting dressed!

    • That’s funny that you recall August being rainy.

      That’s also very funny you end up dressing yourself the same as your child! I wonder if that happens to other parents. . . probably!

  4. hahaha my husband & i sometimes accidentally dress alike, usually when we’re running… race shirts, ya know! 🙂 it’s kinda funny when it happens because since we run early in the AM we don’t always notice at first!

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