Biking Adventures

These past two days, my bike has been my primary mode of transportation.


Last night Craig and I had a haircut date.

I had a Groupon to use at Meg Allen Salon, so I made appointments for us to go and get our hair cut last night.


I have gone to Meg Allen before for hair products and a couple of eye brow waxes but never any hair services.


The interior decor for the salon had a pleasant antique feel. The salon supports a lot of local artists by displaying and selling their jewelry, handbags, wallets, and other handmade crafts.


Including some truffles from Modern Dwellers: a chocolate bar in Anchorage.

blue= blueberry, gold = bourbon (?), orange flakes = salmon-flavored!!

I tried a couple of them. . . .they were good, but neither Craig nor I could taste the difference in the flavor. They just tasted like chocolate to us.


Craig has never gone to a “real” salon (He usually just goes to the beauty school in town or to Great Clips.), so I wanted him to experience what a more talented stylist could do for his hair.

I was really happy with how Craig’s haircut turned out! This picture doesn’t quite show the texture the stylist added to his hair, but I thought it was way better than the “buzz cut” the people at Great Clips give him.

I just got a trim—nothing fancy, but I should just chop my hair because I am tired of it!


Afterward, we biked to a new frozen yogurt place in Anchorage.

Yogurt Lounge is located in South Anchorage.


We saw this place a couple weeks ago, so we decided to give it a try and see how it compared to Yogurtland.

It was a really busy place!


There was two different types of cups to fill with frozen yogurt. Craig used the parfait cup to create a delicious-looking parfait.


I used a regular bowl and filled it with various yogurt flavors: red velvet cake, green tea, vanilla, and white macadamia nut.


It was nice to be able to sit down and enjoy our frozen yogurt instead of sprinting back to the car before we had to pay for parking at the airport.

We were enjoying such a nice date when Craig let one rip.



Oh the joys of living with this guy—never a dull moment.

Then it was time to bike back home.

Craig built his bike from scratch—a fixed-gear road bike!!



This morning I met my friend Katie at Kaladi Brothers Coffee for a coffee date and some time to catch up.


Once again I rode my bike to the coffee shop. I love exercising and being green!

The coffee shop was also a busy place this morning.


I brought a bowl of overnight oats with me and enjoyed a small decaf coffee along with them.


Now I am back at home, chilling with Craig and going to check some things off my to-do list!


3 responses to “Biking Adventures

  1. Guys always know how to “stink up” the moment, huh? πŸ˜‰ That was a terrible joke. I’m sorry. I love going to salons if only because of the head massage you get during the shampoo part.

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