I had a productive but relaxing Saturday—the best of both worlds. 🙂

I went running, ran errands, did some shopping, and got things done around the house—all those little things that I don’t have time to do during the week.



I am addicted to another Mom’s Best Naturals cereal: Mallow Oats. (read: Lucky Charms!)

So addicting and so good!


I added my favorite almond milk to my bowl of cereal.

I really like this “unsweetened” + “vanilla” Blue Diamond Almond Breeze: not too sweet but still full of flavor.


I also had an English muffin with The Laughing Cow Cheese and jam on. (I had sunflower seed butter on the other English muffin half.)


Craig and I have been loving this jam by Bonne Maman.

I like the “four fruits” flavor, but I think the raspberry is my favorite.


After breakfast, I Skyped with my sister for 1.5 hours! We had so much more to talk about than when we talk on the phone. I think it is due to the fact we could see each other!

While I talked to my sister, I sipped on some Good Earth tea from my fall-inspired Starbucks mug.


I really like this Good Earth tea! The flavor is so rich and bold!


After our Skype-date, I headed out for my “long” run for the week.

Distance: 5 miles

Time: ??–I didn’t wear my watch, but I knew the route was accurate.

Weather: cool, cloudy, rainy

I felt good, but I don’t always do well on a full stomach, which was one of these times. I was glad I wasn’t running any longer. I think my legs are still recovering from my half-marathon.


I am modeling a new running top sent to me by YMX by Yellowman. (YMX—acronym for YellowMan Expression)

A representative from Yellowman contact me to see if I was interested in trying their Tribal Sea Running Tee. I was happy to review a new running top!

I wore this top on a couple of recent runs to test it out.


When I first pulled the top on, I appreciated that the length was adequate and the top overall had a semi-loose fit. (I am wearing a size: small.)

Overall, I found it quite comfortable to run in—no restriction and very cooling.

I thought the pocket in the back was handy. I tested it out by putting a GU packet in there and my key (separately). Unfortunately, both objects bounced around too much for me, so I would never use the pocket.


The top also came with arm warmers, which were great for our chilly weather.

DSC_0020  DSC_0046

I even wore the top in the rain and it was still comfortable and did not weigh me down.


Overall, I liked the top, but the biggest drawback was the design. I am not a fan of the pattern.


– comfortable fabric

– good fit

– longer length

– no restrictions when running


– design/print

– pocket in the back



What is your favorite top for running?


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