The Friday Five, No. 2

Once again, I’m hoping on board with Meet Virgina‘s: The Friday Five.


Five things about my week.

1. Highlight of my week.

Coffee date with the husband this morning!


It has been far too long since we’ve had a coffee date at Kaladi Brothers, which made this morning’s time together extra special. We discussed work, life, future kids, our weekend plans, etc. but mostly just enjoyed each other’s company.


For breakfast, I had Chobani, an English muffin with peanut butter, a banana, and decaf coffee.


Here’s Craig’s breakfast sandwich concoction.


That would be 3 English muffin halves + peanut butter + The Laughing Cow Cheese.


2. What I’m eating.

Lots of overnight oats. I have been making overnight oats 2-3 times a week.


I’ve also been eating a lot of Clif Kid Z Bars. The jury is still out on the s’mores flavor.


3. What I’m pinning.

My two favorite hairstyles. I just need to chop my hair and stop being so wishy-washy and scared about it!



4. I am missing my clone.

My sister, Kristy (a.k.a. my clone), and I have been talking on the phone almost every day after school since she moved to North Carolina. It is great because we never talked this much before!! I love it, but it makes me miss her even more! 😦


5. Why I’m so stressed out.

Like I said the other day, work has been extremely stressful lately.

I can’t go into too much detail because I have no idea who reads my blog, but on top of the normal stress of working with kids all day, I am now dealing with a problem at the administrative level. 😦

Lots of tears have been shed this week because I feel really hurt, sad, frustrated, and like I have been taken advantage of. I, of course, have been carrying around a lot of stress because of it but sadly running hasn’t even relieved my stress. . . that’s a bad sign!


5 responses to “The Friday Five, No. 2

  1. Bummer about all the school-related stress and bureaucracy issues. Hope it gets resolved soon. Until then, have a relaxing weekend – treat yourself to one of those adorable haircuts or maybe get a massage!

    Your coffee dates are so sweet and the goofy pics of your husband warm my heart!

  2. Oh Michelle…I’m so sorry to hear about your stress! I wish I had some super words of advice…but I know it’s just hard sometimes. Enjoy the weekend, and know people are sending good energy your way!

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