Welcome New Readers!

Welcome to all my new readers and followers out there who may be hoping over from Skinny Runner’s blog!

I hope you like what you find and you’ll stick around. But I will also understand if you don’t find this blog all that interesting. . . I’m a pretty “Plain Jane” the “girl-next-door” type of person.


A little about me:

– I am addicted to running.

– I have run 2 marathons and 7 half-marathons. . . .although I think the 10K is my favorite distance!

– I love trying new recipes and rarely make the same meal twice.

– I have been living in Alaska for 4 years but would like to call “home” some place else some day.

– I am a p.e. teacher but don’t foresee myself doing it the rest of my life.


If you are new to my blog, be sure to check out my ‘About‘ section where I share a little more about myself.

Come back and check my blog for updates about my husband and I—and all the things we do in this thing called life! đŸ™‚


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