Creeping Snow

Thursdays are usually one of my better days at work because I only teach 4 classes. . . .although I make up for it with 7 tomorrow! 😕

This morning at 5:30 a.m., I busted out 5 miles before work. I have to be to work 45 minutes earlier for a staff meeting, so there was no time for dilly-dalling!

The run went well, although, my IT band felt a little sore. I might be doing too many miles this week, so I think I’ll rest or cross-train tomorrow.


On the weather front, winter is creeping closer and closer each day. Each time it rains in the Anchorage “bowl,” there is more snow on the mountain-tops. 😦 I am not ready for winter yet!

It is pretty cool how there is a very defined line of snow on the mountains right now.



Tonight my friend Lindsey came over for dinner and a chance to catch up.

I haven’t seen her since August, which is far too long seeing that we live in the same city!

Lindsey has several food intolerances (gluten, dairy, nuts, beef, cranberries) so I had to be creative with what to make.

Problem solved with Mama Pea’s Roasted Chickpea Tacos.


As I’ve said before, I rarely make the same meal twice, so when I make a meal for a second time, you know it is good!

The roasted chickpeas are super delicious on their own, but the homemade corn toco shells I made and all the toppings added to these bad boys put them over the top!


These have become a staple in our fridge.


To fry the corn tortillas, I started by spraying olive oil in a non-stick pan.


I then turned the burner on ‘medium’ and slightly fried the ‘inside’ of the taco shell.


After it was slightly browned, I flipped in the the other side.


After the ‘outside’ fried for a minute or so, I folded it in half to make the shape of a hard-shell taco.


I let it fry to a couple more minutes on each side.

They never got hard like a store-bought taco shell, but I think I like them better this way!


I topped the chickpeas with lettuce, tomato, cheese, guacamole, and salsa.

They are a little dry, so you will want some guac, salsa, or sour cream to provide moisture to the taco.

Other than that, these a super good: easy, delicious, and healthy! Promise you will make these ASAP!!




What is your favorite day of the work-week?


10 responses to “Creeping Snow

  1. My favorite day of the work week is FRIDAY. Very generic, obvious answer- but I just love the excitement of the impending weekend.
    I’ve thought about making that taco recipe before, but just haven’t yet! Man, it looks good- and heated corn tortillas are where it’s AT!

    The view of the mountains is simply breath-taking. SO JEALOUS!

    • Yes, I agree Fridays are pretty awesome!

      You must make the chickpea tacos. . . . they are phenomenal!

      Don’t be too jealous because pretty soon that white stuff will be on the ground!

  2. I’m sorry the snow is coming for you…but I have to say that view of the snow-capped mountains and fall trees is amazing.
    My favorite day is Friday. Specifically Friday at 5 pm. 😉

  3. Mondays! I coach a group of middle-aged men in the mornings on MWF, and the two day break between Friday and Monday is the worst. I love those guys! And I love my 10-minute commute, and being out on the water for two hours.. no complaints here.

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