Cheap Dates

I wasn’t going to go running this morning since I am running the Zombie Half-Marathon tomorrow.

Instead, I was going to take the day off to give my legs some rest before the race tomorrow—even though I am not racing it. I have only run 10 miles within the past couple of months, so I’m not exactly in racing shape. I am going to use it as a training run and run it with a friend! 🙂

But I woke up at 5:00 a.m.—despite going to bed at 10:30 p.m. and not having to be up that early.

I was too wide awake to fall back to sleep, so I decided to get a quick 3-miler in before I had to get ready. I took it nice and slow: 9 minutes/mile.


I had two dates with this guy today!


Yes, that would be the handsome fella I’m married to. (I think he was feeling a little zombie-like this morning. 😉 )

Our first date of the day was a coffee date at Kaladi Brothers Coffee.


We enjoyed some time together just chatting and hanging out before we had to go to work today.

Topic of conversation this morning: who wears the pants in the marriages of different friends and family. (This is kind of fun to debate. I wonder what people say about our marriage?!?!)


After going to work and working on grades, I was able to meet Craig for lunch as well!


We packed our lunches and enjoyed them together at Craig’s work.

Craig’s lunch:


I made these stuffed peppers last night.

I threw a bunch of random ingredients into them: millet + black beans + corn + diced potatoes + cheese + cumin seasoning.

Craig was raving about them all day, so they must have been okay!


I had the other half of my sandwich from Great Harvest that I didn’t eat yesterday.


The bread did get a little soggy on one part, but it still tasted good!


Craig and I don’t have a certain night of the week we do date nights. Often times we go when it fits in-between our other commitments.

Sometimes we will go to really nice restaurant or attend a fine arts performance, but more often that not we usually just have a pretty low-key and cheap date night together.

As long as we are spending time together we are happy. (Sappy? Yes! But true.)

Here are some cheap dates we have had in the past:

Homemade pizza + movie rental from the Redbox (We also incorporate a walk in here because we live close enough to a Redbox.)

– reading/browsing at Barnes and Noble (or another bookstore)

– go for a bike ride

coffee date + play a game (or just talk and hang out)

– rent a video from the library

– watch cable shows on Hulu (since we don’t have cable)

– go for a walk

– play disc golf

– go star-gazing (Sadly this is really hard to do in Alaska, but we have done it in Minnesota.)

bike to frozen yogurt

– play a board/card game at home

– go snowshoeing

– have a picnic



What are some cheap dates you have done with your significant other?


8 responses to “Cheap Dates

  1. Brian and I go on cheap dates like that ALL the time. We’d rather save our money for travel during school vacations!

  2. My favorite cheap date is to pack some snacks and head out to the Sculpture Garden in DC. They have free jazz concerts every Friday in the summer. In the winter, I really enjoying taking the metro into the city to visit museums.

  3. We love to go fishing together! My sweetie has a “boat” that he bought when he was 12. It’s basically a metal floating device….with a trolling motor the size of a bowling ball. We can spend hours out on the little lake by my house. LOVE IT!

  4. haha I love Craig’s faces in the photos.

    I want those stuffed peppers! They look delicious!

    I like your ideas for cheap date nights. Usually me and the BF cook a meal together and watch tv or a movie. We also love fro yo dates. We went to the fair this past weekend (although that is not cheap) and had a great time. I need to do the picnic one that sounds fun.

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