TRICK or Treat

I wanted a treat, Mother Nature—not a trick! 😦


When I woke up this morning, I saw a dim light shining underneath the bedroom door and immediately started accusing Craig of leaving a light on.

To my delight, when I looked for the light left on, there was none to be found, but to my dismay, the source of the light was from the street lights reflecting off the freshly fallen snow and shining into our apartment.

So sad! 😦


My weekend wasn’t all that eventful, but I do have a few highlights to share!

Friday night

Craig and I were going to get pedicures, but Craig wasn’t feeling well, so we had a date night at Target where we picked up some medicine for him. Hot, huh?




I dyed my hair dark!


I like switching up my hair color for the winter months. (I was probably asking for the snow after doing this?!?)



I went to an 8:00 a.m. class at Anchorage Yoga. (See how dark it is still at 8:00 in the morning!)

It has been a while since I’ve practiced yoga, but when the winter months come around, I put my bike into storage and pull out my yoga mat.

I went to a Warm Flow class at Anchorage Yoga. It was nice and relaxing and hopefully my tight hamstrings and hips were stretched out a bit.

Normally a 60-minute class is $13, but this is part of their “karma” class series where they only charge $7 for the class (or $5 if you buy a package deal)!


After church, my friend Katie and I checked out a new (to us) tea lounge in downtown Anchorage.

Indigo Tea Lounge was quite hip and modern on the inside. (I totally forgot to take pictures!)

I was surprised how nice it was on the inside because from the outside, I always thought it looked a little sketchy.





What was the highlight of your weekend?


14 responses to “TRICK or Treat

  1. Don’t feel TOO bad- we got snow here in DC too. Some areas for 13″!! Ridiculous! I can’t remember it even snowing before DECEMBER around here.
    I love the dark hair AND the fact that your hubby gets pedicures. πŸ™‚

    • It kind of helps knowing that others got snow this weekend as well, but I’m pretty sure it will warm up and melt whereas here, it is here to stay until May!

  2. We got snow this weekend as well which is not normal for PA at all. Highlight of the weekend was almost placing in a really hilly 5K! I love your hair color. It really makes your eye color pop! I always wanted dark hair with light eyes. πŸ™‚

  3. Yoga! I love it. My normal yoga class isn’t offered this fall, but I’m hoping they’ll reinstate it after Christmas.
    My husband and I visited Anchorage in September and had such a fun trip–especially driving through the mountains. My sister lives on the army base in Fairbanks, so that was all the excuse we needed to visit the marvellous state of Alaska.

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