10 Things Tuesday

1. We are the biggest party-poopin’ Halloween-celebraters ever!

We had trick-or-treaters come to our door, but we pretended we weren’t home because we didn’t have any candy to give them! Well, I offered to hand out my Clif Kid Z Bars, but Craig said that wouldn’t cut it for a kids.

I felt bad, but we honestly weren’t expecting any trick-or-treaters. Oops!


2. I was not looking forward to running this morning.

Once the temperatures drop and the snow flies, it gets really difficult for me to go out for my morning run. Once I’m out though, I’m usually in my groove and more-or-less enjoying myself—minus the cold parts of my body and the fact I’m going so slow.

It has been really hard looking down at my Garmin and seeing my pace at 9:30 minutes/mile. I am seriously considering the dreadmill this winter to get some speed workouts in!

By the end of my 6 miles this morning, I was feeling pretty tired. I don’t know if it was due to the fact I needed fuel or because I had spent almost an hour outside in the cold. I have forgotten how much more energy it takes to keep warm + exercise in the cold!

3. I brought two different types of mittens/gloves along on my run this morning.

I started out wearing the thicker Saucony mittens on the right and then switched to the Nike glove/mittens on the left after my hands warmed up.


I usually just take off my mittens when my hands get too warm, but then they instantly get cold from the frigid air, so I decided to bring along a second pair and switch into them after my hands warmed up. It worked out well!

I tucked the pair I wasn’t wearing in the front of my pants. I always do this when I get tired of carrying my mittens.


4. I made Halloween cupcakes for a potluck yesterday.

They are quite possibly the best cupcakes I’ve ever made!

I followed The BEST Chocolate Cake (that happens to be vegan) recipe for the cupcake part and followed Courtney’s Vanilla Buttercream Frosting recipe! They were awesome!

Craig decorated the tops of the cupcakes with chocolate chips and made it into a smiling pumpkin face. 🙂


5. Craig bought these SUNflowers for me to brighten my day and help me forget about the S-word outside. We had another good 3 inches last night.


6. UGH! I hate the poor quality of pictures in the winter due to the lack of sunlight.

7. Tuesday nights I have been going to class from 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., but next week is our last time to meet! Hallelujah! (However, I have another class that starts up the following week. 😦 )

8. I am wearing the exact same outfit I did yesterday. I don’t have any of the same classes, so I almost always wear the same outfit on Mondays and Tuesday. (I am lazy because I don’t care.)

9. All the kids have been asking, “did you dye your hair?” “No,” I tell them, “it’s a wig.” Ha! I’m so funny! No, not at all. I’m the worst joke-teller ever probably.

10. I have been constantly fantasizing about Hawaii, and whenever I feel the cold, winter air punch me in the face, I punch it back (which is exactly what I teach my students NOT to do!) by imagining it being a warm ocean breeze instead. (It works for a little while.)




6 responses to “10 Things Tuesday

  1. When you run outside in the snow, do you put Yaktrax or anything like that on your shoes? I really dislike running on the treadmill, but I’m also always afraid I’ll completely wipe out and hurt myself on the slippery snow!

    • I wear YakTraxs when there is snow on the ground; they do not work well on ice. I’ve heard the studs in your shoes work well, and the Ice Bug shoes are even better. This is just what I’ve heard from others; I haven’t tried them myself.

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