Birthday Wishes for the Husband

Happy Birthday to my wonderful and amazing Husband!

Thursday, November 3 marks Craig’s 27th birthday!


Fast facts about Craig:

Born in Anchorage, Alaska and proud to be a 3rd generation Alaskan, which is not very common.


Hidden talent: impromptu song singing—changing the lyrics of a song to fit any and all circumstances

Favorite hobbies: disc golf, biking, painting, hiking, camping, and laughing with friends.


Interests: zombies, history, and his wife πŸ˜‰

Favorite foods: cheese, cheese, and more cheese. . . . and pizza!!


I started a new tradition this year of allowing Craig to open one present each night this week leading up to his birthday. I started with the less impressive gifts and ended with the most exciting gift. (He has yet to open the last one, so I’ll share each one in a future post.)

I hadn’t planned on this, but I guess I really wanted to spoil my husband this year and ended up getting him a lot of gifts!


Wishing you all the best for a wonderful year. . . .and many more to come, Babe!



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