Thankful Things Thursday

November is here and word “Thanksgiving” is started to be used a lot more.

I usually think about the time off from school and the food and family part of Thanksgiving before I think about what I’m thankful for.

So to get me (and hopefully you!) thinking about the things I am thankful for in my life, I am doing my first installment of Thankful Things Thursday.

I actually got this idea from Ali did over at Ali on the Run who has a Thankful Things Thursday post each Thursday.


Things I am thankful for:

1.) My health, wellness, and ability to run.

There was a period of time when I was not able to run (comfortably) for 2.5 years, and it KILLED me!

During this time, I made it my goal to one day be able to run 10 miles, and I am so happy to report that I have well surpassed that distance several times!

Through that experience though, I have come to appreciate all my body is able to do. Even on the days when I’m running 10:30 minutes/mile, I still am SO thankful for my legs and breath that are able to carry me through the miles.


2.) My family.

Even though all of my family (except my husband’s family) live 3000-4000 miles away, they are wonderful about calling, sending e-mails, and real mail!

I feel so loved and supported even though we don’t see each other more than 1-2 times a year.

3.) My husband.

I am very blessed to be married to a God-fearing man who loves me more than I ever imagined. Plus he always knows how to make me laugh and smile, which is so important.


4.) Massages.

Yesterday after school I got an hour-long massage for all my incredibly tight muscles. (I don’t think I have a muscle that isn’t tight!) My massage therapist used a technique called Active Release that seemed to really loosen up my tight muscles from running.

(I’m also very thankful for my insurance that pays for these visits!)


5.) Going out to dinner for Craig’s birthday.

It has been a while since we have gone out for dinner, so I am particularly excited about enjoying a nice sit-down dinner with my husband and the birthday boy tonight!



What are you thankful for?


12 responses to “Thankful Things Thursday

    • Yeah! The chiropractor has to “prescribe” it for me, and then insurance covers it. If you have chiropractic coverage, you might be able to get massage therapy as well??

  1. I just got Scott and myself hour long massages thanks for a LivingSocial deal. I am SO excited. It’s been ages since I had a pro massage. I love this post and you two are a ridiculously cute couple! 🙂 I’m thankful I found your blog!

  2. I know I’m late, but I like your new hair color. 🙂 I’m thankful that I’m able to run, no matter how slowly; for family and friends who put up with all my weird habits; and for my job/being able to work with people that I genuinely like.

  3. I am thankful for so much:

    God who saved me
    my family
    my friends

    Hey maybe you should do a thankful diary my friend does it when she is going through some tough times.


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