Manna Bread Giveaway

It has been unseasonably cold these past few days, feeling like the middle of January rather than the middle of November!

This morning it was 17 degrees and yesterday it was 10 (that’s TEN) degrees when I went out running.

I only wore one pair of pants yesterday, which was a big mistake! My legs were super cold, red, and had a “pins and needles” feeling to them by the end.

This morning I wised up and wore two pairs of pants, which helped, but there were still areas of my legs that were uncomfortably cold. šŸ˜¦

I also had three layers on top, a neck warmer, and a hat. (I miss the days of just being able to slip on shorts and one top.)

I don’t like to wear my neck warmer over my mouth, but the cold air gets really hard to breathe in after a while, so I’ll pull it up for a while, then pull it down when I get tired of breathing through the material. This helps warm the air a bit before it enters my lungs.


Monday morning, I only managed to cover 3 miles, Tuesday morning 4 miles, but I plowed through 6 miles this morning in 60 minutes.

It is frustrating that it takes me a whole hour to cover this distance since I’m used to covering 7 or 8 miles in this same amount of time, but I figure it is better than no running.


A few weeks ago, the Manna Organic Bakery sent me coupons so I could try out a couple of their loaves of Manna Bread.

(As you can see I took these pictures before the snow flew.)


I went to the grocery store and picked up two different loaves: multigrain and cinnamon date.


Made with whole sprouted grains, Manna Bread is very different than your traditional bread. Yeast is not used, so the bread is much more dense and moist (think ‘quick breads’).


I liked the multigrain bread, but I preferred the cinnamon date flavor, probably because the consistency reminded me more of a quick bread and the cinnamon date flavor was sweeter.

I enjoyed spreading almond butter or peanut butter on the bread for breakfast or a snack!


And now Manna Organic Bakery has offered to send 4 loaves to one of my readers for FREE!

(This is my first giveaway ever!!)

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling me your favorite type of bread!


Contest will end at 9 p.m. (AKST) on Friday, November 11.

This contest is open to those who live in the Continental US only. (Sorry Alaskan friends.)


18 responses to “Manna Bread Giveaway

  1. Hmmm favorite bread? I love all bread, but my favorite would have to be my friends fresh ground homemade whole wheat bread….mmmmm!! Love to see your snow pictures…beautiful šŸ™‚

  2. O wow this bread looks delicious and they have amazing flavors! I actually never eat regular bread (not a big sandwich person) but I love specialty breads and would say banana is for sure my favorite. I do have some sprouted cinnamon raisin bagels from French Meadow Bakery that are delicious!

  3. I love homemade oatmeal bread…yum! When I checked the weather online this morning, I saw mention of an Alaskan snowstorm…hang in there! I hope you’re staying warm today. šŸ™‚

  4. i really like a good multigrain bread or if its with dinner i love focaccia or nann- really any kind of bread is good!

  5. Hot, fresh, French Bread. Sigh. I don’t eat it often…but when I do buy a loaf, there is usually a piece (or 5) missing from it by the time I get home.

    Sorry about your weather! I can never decide which is harder…cold or hot weather running. Both can seem miserable…but there are a ton of people sitting on their couch, obese, unhealthy and in pain because of it…that’s real misery! Keep up the awesome work!

    • I think both can be unenjoyable, but I’ll take summer running over winter because I can usually escape most of the heat and humidity by running in the morning.

    • Hi Jamie,

      I looove cold weather, but living in south ga I may not have experienced running in REAL cold. This morning was about 37 and I was out in short
      sleeves and capri’s. The middle of August down here is unbearable because
      not only is it very hot it is also very humid. I can hardly stand it…the kids and I
      count down the days of summer like counting down the days to Christmas. Sooo glad when it is gone. šŸ™‚

  6. Ha ha continental US only… seems so ironic!

    My favorite bread is a honey whole wheat – sweet and hearty, and the best way to eat it is fresh out of the oven!

    Hope you stay warm!!!

  7. mmm…and yay for your first free giveaway! I am a honey whole wheat girl myself…but would love to try some manna bread!

    stay warm…I love slipping on some warm fuzzy socks when it’s chilly! and sipping on cider or some hot cocoa šŸ™‚

  8. My favorite bread is just regular whole wheat since I mostly just use it for sandwiches or toast. I wonder how that Manna cinnamon date bread would work for French toast.

  9. Nissu…it’s a Finnish bread made with cardamom seeds. It’s yeasty, slightly sweet, and delicious with a little homemade “frosting” on it. A family at school always bakes, like, 50 loaves and gives them to staff as a Christmas present. It’s SO good.

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