Pet Peeves

As I was driving home last night, I was surveying the roads to see what the running conditions would be like in the morning. As I sat there freezing cold in my car, looking out onto the icy roads, I though, “I have no desire to run in these conditions tomorrow morning. I’m going to the gym!”

This is breaking news people. I HATE running indoors, but I am getting sick and tired of all this snow that has been falling, so it was time to make amends with the dreadmill. . . .I mean treadmill. 😉


Of course the time passed by slower than it would outdoors. Why is this? But I did my best to distract myself with the TVs at the gym and changing the speed every once in a while.

Distance: 7 miles

Time: 58 miles

Notes: Overall I felt okay—nothing great though. It was just nice to be able to run about an 8:00 minute mile pace rather than 10:00 outdoors!



As I was sitting in class this weekend, (I am taking two classes this semester in order to renew my Alaska state teaching license.) a lady started clipping her fingernails, which immediately made me cringe.

Then two ladies behind me started talking while the professor was lecturing, which also drives me crazy! (Can you say teacher?)

So this got to thinking about some of my other pet peeves:

Things that drive me crazy!

– not returning something back to where you found it

– flaky friends

– people not washing their hands after using the bathroom

– the toilet seat not being set back down

– bad drivers (but then again who isn’t peeved by this!)

– spitting (It kind of grosses me out.)

– someone not apologizing if they bump into you

– people smacking their gum or chewing with their mouth open (ick!)



What is a pet peeve of yours?


23 responses to “Pet Peeves

  1. I know what you mean about running on the treadmill…I am not a big fan myself! Glad you got a speedy workout in though!

    Ew, ppl not washing their hands after they go potty is a peeve of mine too.

    And ppl that complain incessantly for no apparent reason. Or just to have something to say.

    And yes, the toilet seat! Ahh, glad my boyfriend has learned and knows better. 🙂

  2. The dreadmill! I love it! (Actually, I don’t love it- I hate it just like you do and would much rather run outdoors!)
    My biggest pet peeve is having to repeat myself. I guess it comes from being a teacher and having to do it over and over again each day. I do it so much at work that if I say something to my husband and he says “What?” I lose all patience.
    Also- when on the road- people who wait until the very last second to merge (like getting onto an exit ramp). Like they think they’re so special and traffic should stop for them. Ughh!

  3. hehe. Pet peeves are always a fun topic!

    1. Placing your dirty dishes on the counter-top ABOVE the dishwasher. Really? Does it really take THAT much more energy to put them IN the dishwasher?

    2. Watching people smell things…other than food/flowers. For example…their fingers. EEEEK! Why are you smelling that? What could possibly be on your fingers that you can figure out by SMELLING them? Blech!

  4. Really, who ever told people it was acceptable to clip their nails in public? Not only is that one of my pet peeves, but it’s just RUDE! I worked with a guy who would clip his nails at work, yuk! Not too long ago I was out to dinner with a few girlfriends and a woman started clipping her nails, I nearly died!!!

  5. ewww why would someone clip their nails in public? gross. i hate that sound. i typically make my husband do it with the door shut, thank you very much. but he has good parts–like he pretty much always puts the toilet seat down. some of his friends don’t when they are over though…

    other pet peeves–the internet timing out, people taking the elevator from just one story up (i work in a library with 11 floors + basement and you wouldn’t believe how many people do this! i do take the elevator up most of the time (12 flights of stairs (2 per level) with a heavy bookbag is not my cup of tea)… people cutting in line.

    • Yeah! What is it with people taking the stairs for just one floor. Okay, so there’s probably some people out there who need to, but I don’t think most do!

  6. My biggest pet peeves:
    1. someone grabbing a huge handful of paper towels to dry their hands, when they only touch a tiny fraction of it
    2. someone not watching where they are going because they are texting, so I have to get out of their way

  7. I used to be annoyed when I would have to repeat myself to my students, but now I enjoy saying (thanks to Love & Logic), “You didn’t listen to the directions. How sad for you. Maybe one of your friends can tell you wht you’re doing -or- I guess you miss out on this activity.”
    Pet Peeves:
    – people stopping in the middle of “high-traffic” areas to talk
    – my own husband picking at his nails even though he knows I dislike it so (after 10 years of being together he doesn’t stop!)
    – gossip

  8. I hate when people cut their nails in public – the guys here at work do it all the time at their desks! Gross! i hate when drivers know that a lane is going to end but still pass everyone and then cut in in front of other people. Why can’t people just be patient!

  9. I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I am leaving a comment. I enjoy reading about your running adventures in wild Alaska. I live in Scheveningen, Netherlands and even though it can get pretty chilly over here, it surely does not compare with Anchorage!
    Keep up your training in the winter, even if this means hopping on the treadmill. How about spin class? A while ago you had mentioned that you tried it out. Personally I do a combo of treadmill session, spin class and/or weight lifting, all inside the cosy gym!
    As for pet peeves: People cutting in line can really irritate me!

  10. I hate the gum smacking too! And gum popping. The lady in the cube next to me at work does it all. day. long. Even when I’ve asked her to please stop she still does it. Drives me crazy. Also drives me crazy when you hold the door open for someone and they don’t say thank you!

  11. Who clips their nails in public?!?! EW! I hate when people don’t bother to RSVP for events. Putting “maybe” can be annoying, but it’s certainly better than no response at all!

  12. Mine is kinda similar to Cara’s one about people stopping in high traffic areas to talk. It bothers me when people are oblivious about their surroundings and just stop in the middle of a hallway/walkway to look around, talk, start digging for something in a purse, etc. Also, I really hate when my students start packing their stuff up when they decide that class should be over (which is usually much earlier than the time class is actually over).

  13. I can’t stand people who blow their noses really loud, so annoying. I know you can’t help it, but do you have to make such a huge episode of it. I also can’t stand when people ride your tail when you are driving the speed limit. Pass me if you think you need to go faster then me!

  14. I hate treadmills as well: so boring!

    And who clips their nails in public? That’s gross.

    I really hate barefeet in public. There was this guy at my college who’d go to class barefoot and put his feet on desk chairs, etc. It really grosses me out!

    • I think there’s one of those guys on every college campus because there certainly was on mine. And I’m embarrassed to admit my husband was one (for a brief period of time) on his!!

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