Thankful Things Thursday, No. 2

I’m thankful the roads have been plowed.

Even though it has been bitter cold and windy here this week, I at least feel like I am running a little faster because I am not dealing with several inches of snow or slipping and sliding on the slick surface.

I covered 5 miles this morning in 45 minutes. Nothing stellar, but I’ve got to take what I can get these days.


I’m thankful for heat.

I am thankful for the heat in my car and heat immediately upon walking in a building. Now we just need to work on getting more heat in our apartment. Craig and I are always freezing! Our heater works, we just live in a poorly insulated building that never feels very warm.

And seriously! It was (nearly) 100 degrees colder here yesterday than it was where my sister lives in North Carolina! Not fair! (And I can hear my dad in the background, “Life’s not fair, Michelle.”)

I’m thankful for the flexibility I have in my job.

I like that I can change up my lesson plans to accommodate my interests and try to eliminate boredom for me. I get bored if I have to teach the same thing over and over again, so I try to change things up for my sanity.

I’m thankful for evenings that I don’t have anywhere else to be but home.

I am such a homebody. I rarely get tired of being at home and doing things around the house (even in the summer).

I’m thankful for coworkers that are flexible and helpful.

It is so nice knowing that my coworkers are willing to work with me and help me out even though they have more seniority than me.

I’m thankful for nice people and good customer service.

Sometimes I think I just expect businesses to say “no” or not be willing to work with me, so it always refreshing when people really do care about you!



What is one thing you are thankful for today?


6 responses to “Thankful Things Thursday, No. 2

  1. After reading your post I’m most Thankful I don’t live in Alaska, but I’m also thankful for my little piece of the world where I’m free to be me.

  2. I love your thankful list and just want to “second” each and every one of those things. I am trying to make a conscious effort to spend energy focusing on what I am thankful for, rather than what I can complain about or don’t have. It’s a struggle on some days!

    My list (in addition to what you wrote):
    – my pups: no matter how bad my day is, it’s hard to be mad when I come home to their unconditional love and warm cuddly bodies
    – my french press at work: having that cup of coffee at 10 am pushes me through every day
    – supportive friends, both “real” and ‘blog-world’
    – planning trips and having something to look forward to: my husband and I are always planning out our next trip, whether it’s just a short weekend or an extended vacation (going to NYC in December and Florida in January!)
    – a million other things, but I’ll end it here.

    Have a great Friday, Michelle!

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