Weekly Recap

It is really hard for me to try and write a post each day with the limited time I have, so instead I thought I’d do a weekly recap this week.

Highlights from this past week:

Monday – I talk to my sister nearly every day on the phone after school, and we had an exceptionally good conversation on Monday.

Tuesday – I bought a Groupon to Spirit Path Yoga in Anchorage and went to a yoga class on Tuesday. It was okay. I still like Anchorage Yoga the best.

Wednesday – I got a full-body massage for an hour. . . it was glorious!

Thursday – I did not workout in the morning or afternoon, and it was quite nice. I came home after school, made Tofu Stir-fry with Noodles and then finished my Christmas cards.

Friday – I went to Target after school and then went home, procrastinated on my homework by surfing the Internet, then got busy with some studying. (I am taking a class in order to renew my Alaska Teaching Certificate.)

Saturday – I have really cut back on my running this week. I only ran a total of 10 miles this entire week. Frankly I am too frustrated with the running conditions (lots of snow, ice, darkness, coldness) and have been in a funk that is most likely related to our 6 hours of daylight and stress from school. 😦 I have been going to more yoga classes and using the equipment at the gym instead.

Sunday – I went to Warm Flow Yoga this morning at Anchorage Yoga and got my butt kicked! I never thought yoga could be so difficult. While it was frustrating at the time, I am determined to build up my “yoga fitness” and continue taking this class!


We received our third shipment of produce from Full Circle this week.


This week’s box included:

2 d’anjou pears

2 fuji apples

2 valencia oranges

1 avocado

2 satsumas

1 pound of roma tomatoes

1 bunch of spinach


Most of the produce looked very fresh, except our spinach was wilted. But this is how all of our leafy greens have looked so far; I think it is just from the length of time it takes for the produce to be shipped up here.


Through Full Circle’s website, you can also order regular grocery items from their “green grocery.” In the past I have ordered a loaf of bread, crackers, jam, and honey. Honestly, I was not impressed with these items though. They were okay but nothing I would order again.

This time around I ordered this organic dark chocolate with toasted coconut in it. Once again, I wasn’t that impressed. I’ve had better dark chocolate before.


I also ordered this pure maple syrup. It authentic Vermont Maple syrup, so I am excited to try it. It did cost a pretty penny at $21.50 though.


I have been very happy with the customer service Full Circle has provided us with. Any question/concern I’ve had has been quickly answered or resolved in a very professional manner.

I was contacted by Full Circle to give their services a try, and they provided me with a credit dollar amount. I will be discontinuing my services after the credit runs out mostly because I don’t feel I can justify the amount of money I would be spending. I know I would be able to get more for my dollar at the grocery store. All of their products are organic, which does make a difference, but I do not feel the need to always buy organic.

However, I am a fan of Full Circle and their business, so if you are interested in participating in something like this, I would highly recommend their services.


3 responses to “Weekly Recap

  1. That’s a pretty cool service, but I don’t think I’d do it if it was super expensive either. I’m sorry the weather has been putting a damper on your running. 😦

  2. Full Circle sounds very interesting…I’m going to check it out now. I’m wondering about the effect of shipping produce all over, instead of having people buy locally. An intriguing idea, though.

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