5 Things I’ve Learned Recently

1. After not blogging for a while, I’ve learned (or more like reminded of) how easily you fall out of the habit of taking pictures.

Craig and I went out for dinner on Sunday night to celebrate the end of the semester: teaching for me and being done with the two classes I had to take. I remembered to bring my camera but only took a handful of pictures of us and two of my salad. Oh well.


We went to Ginger in downtown Anchorage—our favorite classy restaurant.

DSC_0237 DSC_0238

Spinach and Prosciutto Salad

DSC_0239 DSC_0240

2. I’ve learned I’ve been using bobby pins the wrong way this whole time!

This picture shows the incorrect way—they are actually upside down. Who knew??

Check out It’s the Small Things blog for the correct way to use them.



3. I’ve learned practicing yoga does NOT mean the same thing from one studio to the next, nor from one teacher to the next, or even one session to the next.

Prior to starting yoga, I just thought it was a bunch of stretching and an opportunity to work on your flexibility, but I have quickly learned it has to do with much more. Yoga can actually be a very intense session that leaves you dripping in sweat and feeling as though you just completed a very intense workout or weight-lifting session.



4. I saw these two moose walking down the street one morning. Okay, so I didn’t learn anything here, but I just thought I’d share this picture.


5. I’ve learned homemade things are WAY better than store-bought things.

Okay, so I already knew this, but I was definitely reminded of it after making (and eating) these. You must try this recipe from Jenna at Eat Live Run for Soft Baked Fig Cereal Bars.

They are some-what labor intensive, but they are incredibly delicious! Think a fig newton or nutri-grain bar but 100x’s better!



What is something new you have recently learned?


One response to “5 Things I’ve Learned Recently

  1. 1. I always thought they worked better that way.. I also always thought I was so clever for using them upside down. Apparently not clever…

    2. You’re totally right about yoga. I used to think the same thing, because I’d only taken beginning yoga classes. I tried some poses from a book over the summer and I was sooo sore the next day. Still not sure I like it, but it can definitely be a hard workout.

    3. I learned that menu planning is really, incredibly fun! We used to just buy a bunch of produce and cook with what we had, but we’ve started looking up recipes in cookbooks, on blogs, and online, and planning our daily meals. Not only is it much more economical, it’s also really fun to try new foods and new recipes. It’s also making me realize I need a lot more cookbooks.

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