Theory on Weight-gain During the Holidays

Yesterday (Monday) was all about relaxing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Craig had the day off, and I am still on break from school! I slept for 9.5 hours, and it felt wonderful! As soon as I got out of bed, I walked straight to the couch for some reading.


I ended up finishing the book yesterday and like I said before, I HIGHLY recommend this book.

Let’s face it, women and men are different and we also communicate differently. Here is just one example:

When women talk and converse, it is all about “rapport”—making connections with other women. For men, it is all about “report”—who can tell the biggest and best story or one-up the other man by bestowing more knowledge on him. (My husband is very good at these things.)

There is so much good information in this book that I encourage you to read it for yourself!

By early afternoon, it was time to something a little more “productive,” so we headed to Gap to use our gift cards from Christmas. They were having an awesome sale with an additional 50% off all of their sale items, and there were a lot of things on sale!


(Ha! I just realized Craig got me a Gap Kids card. Not sure how he managed that. And no, I know he is not implying anything by this!)

Then it was off to the grocery store to stock up the very bare fridge. Back as home, I got busy making chili, Skyping with my sister, and finishing my book.


Yesterday was my day of rest, so today it felt good to get a workout in.


I ran 2 miles to the gym, lifted for 30 minutes at the gym, then ran 2 miles back home.

Distance: 4 miles

Weather: 15*, cloudy, dark, very light snow

For breakfast I made myself a bowl of oatmeal.


I forgot how full I can get on even a small to medium-sized bowl of oatmeal. Although, it felt like a fake-full feeling because two hours later I am hungry again.



So I have a theory. . . .a theory about weight-gain during the holidays, and it goes something like this:

I can’t help but wonder if some of the weight-gain people experience during the holidays is caused from stress—and not as much from excess food as people assume??

If I think back to times when I was able to lose weight, those were times in my life where I was living with very little stress (and of course still exercising and eating a well-balanced diet). But even if I am exercising and eating right, if I am stressed out, I find it much more difficult to lose weight.

I know there are a lot more dinner parties to go to and treats around, but I also know the holidays stress a lot of people out, so maybe at least some of that weight-gain is due to stress.



9 responses to “Theory on Weight-gain During the Holidays

  1. I’d say a little bit of stress, a little bit of just overeating and not enough activity because people slack off during the holidays. Really a lot of factors go into weight gain during the holidays just depends on the person. IMO.

    I would like to read that book, it looks interesting.

    That oatmeal looks yummy! I had some this morning with a PB and honey…delish!

  2. I definitely think part of it is from stress. Probably some emotional eating happens for everyone when dealing with family visits and the stress of buying gifts, etc.

    I love your outside running outfit…cute gloves!

  3. I need that book- it sounds right up my alley! And I’ll make Greg read it too so he can ‘understand’ me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I definitely think that stress causes weight gain. I’ve never stopped eating healthy or exercising over the last few years, but have managed to gain weight due to many stressful situations that have occurred. It’s that whole ‘flight or fight’ response thing and the cortisol connection- makes it nearly impossible to not hold onto body fat.
    If anyone can tell me the secret to living a stress-free life, I’m all ears!

    What did you drizzle onto your oatmeal? Is it almond butter? It looks so pretty!

  4. that book sounds interesting! have you read love & respect? it’s a marriage book that we read while we were engaged…highly recommend it as well. it hits on some of these same topics of communication.

  5. I definitely think stress is a HUGE factor in holiday weight gain. People spread themselves so thin trying to get everything done, perfectly, make every event, etc. I know I feel much better after the madness has settled (though I wouldn’t trade the holidays for anything). I just got a Kindle for Christmas and I’m going to look up that book!

  6. I think losing weight is always a combination of EVERYTHING. It takes a healthy lifestyle to be a healthy person. So i’m sure stress during the holidays doesn’t help the fact that people are indulging more than normal. Good thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

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