Friday’s Happenings

I took today off from running. I’ve been pretty sore this week from lifting weights and doing yoga, so I went to the gym and did the elliptical instead for 30 minutes.

After about 22 minutes my left foot started to go numb. This isn’t the first time it has happened; it happens anytime I go on the elliptical. Does this happen to anyone else?


Yesterday I did run 4 miles and saw 3 moose. They were cute and everything but in my way. I had to pick a different route to get home—slightly annoying.

After a shower a quick breakfast this morning, it was off to get my hair cut at Salon Ivy in downtown Anchorage. Salon Ivy had a Groupon a while back that I cashed in today.


I just ended up getting a trim, but I was very impressed with the quality of customer service. The owner, Brian, was very friendly and welcoming. (I often think the owner is going to be stuck-up or snooty—especially for a new client.) He did a deep condition on my hair that left it feeling extremely soft. (I guess my hair was really dry. Why can’t I ever tell these things?)

Sharin then cut my hair and evened out my uneven layers and now everything feels healthy again. Yeah!

I wasn’t crazy with how she styled my hair but that is easy to fix. (She curled it with a flat iron.)


I had some time to kill so I went to Habitat Housewares in the University Mall and thought about getting this pig grill for my parents.

For those of you who know my parents, they are actually “retiring” from the hog business and will soon have no more pigs on their farm—as of this spring. It makes Craig sad because he won’t be able to enjoy any more of their bacon or make his bacon pancakes. They will still farm corn and soybeans.


Then it was time to meet Craig for lunch at Moose’s Tooth.

Moose’s Tooth and Bear’s Tooth are sister restaurants in town and are very popular for the locals and highly recommended to anyone who comes to visit. Craig and I often go to Bear Tooth because it is closer to where we live and seems less busy than Moose’s Tooth, but we only had to wait a few minutes for a table today!


I got the lunch special: a salad + a (giant) slice of pizza for $7.95. That’s a pretty good bargain for Anchorage.

Honey Ginger Salad


White Pizza

(artichoke, feta, sundried tomaotes on an olive oil base)


Craig got two pieces of pizza and a salad.

IMG_0948  IMG_0950

After we got done eating, Craig had to go back to work. I didn’t have any other commitments—and I was freezing, so I stopped at Starbucks (something I rarely do) and ordered a misto in hopes of warming myself up. Not only it is really cold here today (7*), but I always get really cold after I eat. I swear all of the (little) blood that was circulating through my body, goes straight to my stomach for digestion which left me shivering by the end of the meal today.


I ordered a tall decaf cafe misto with gingerbread flavoring. I told the guy 2 (of 3) pumps of gingerbread, but I think the gal put 3 in, but it wasn’t too sweet for me. Usually lattes are too sweet for me but this was just right.


It took many outtakes to get a decent picture of myself, and after a while this is what I felt like.


After getting frustrated with the camera and photographer, I just ended up making silly faces since none of the nice faces were turning out. (Um, yes, I notoriously leave that cupboard door open.)


And here’s a picture of some snow if any of you are missing snow this winter/Christmas/holiday season. I will gladly give you some of ours! You can also have a side of 3:30 p.m. sunset. 😕


Hope you have a splendid last day of 2011 tomorrow!


11 responses to “Friday’s Happenings

  1. I leave the cupboards open all the time! Laura and our friend Joy and I were just talking about this a couple of weeks ago. Joy and I drive our spouses nuts by doing such things. I swear I don’t mean to do it but it just sort of happens.

    • Hasn’t it been great! I did 8 miles today and although it was a little windy it was dry and comfortable. I even took my hat off the last 1/2 mile! (Sorry Michelle. If it makes you feel better it rained/sleeted Thursday night and it was slippery and icy when Laura and I ran yesterday).

  2. First of all, you look sooooo pretty- I love your hair and the color makes your eyes POP! 🙂 Did you recently get it colored? (I can’t remember)
    I leave the cabinet doors open too… 🙂
    My feet get numb on the elliptical, so when I use it, I am conscious about moving them around every minute or so to delay it from happening. Sometimes just wiggling your toes can help. I also switch directions (going forward to backward) every 5-10 minutes and rest the weight more on my toes when going forward and my heels going backward- it’s a good way to really work your calves and quads, too!

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