Monday Musings

* Craig and I recently rearranged the furniture in our bedroom AND flip-flopped sides on the bed. It didn’t throw me off as much as I thought it would. It was actually quite fun and now it feels like we have a new bedroom.

* I have continued to listen to Christmas music even though Christmas has been done for a week now.


* The Bachelor starts tonight! I’m a die-hard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan—it is honestly the only TV show I watch, but I am going to miss it because we are meeting some friends for dinner.

* A wintery scene with a side of half-smile for you. 😕


* Did you know you can Google “define: ________” and a nice little definition will come up? I use this all. the. time.

* I just finished this book: Mindless Eating, which I highly recommend! It goes into a lot of detail about why we eat the way we do and the psychology behind it.


* I gave Craig the game Bananagrams for Christmas. We played the other night and Craig definitely beat me. I’m a better speller, but I don’t want to rearrange the words I’ve already put together, which is not good strategy.


* I went to Forrest Yoga this morning and then ran 3 miles. Streak: Day #2. I don’t know for sure how cold it was, but it was COLD! Probably around 0*F.

* Craig and I are off to meet some friends for dinner and then I have to go to bed early. . . . . school resumes tomorrow. 😕 5:30 a.m. is going to come way too early tomorrow after sleeping until 8:30 a.m. this morning.


10 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Crazy coincidence! We just rearranged our bedroom and switched sides in bed yesterday! Funny. I am not looking forward to my 5:00 am alarm either. I hope you have a great day back to school.:-)

  2. Yet another book I should read!
    That is a great idea to rearrange your bedroom- maybe I should do that too… we are just a little limited as to where we can put our bed!
    I talked to Greg about playing a game at night instead of watching tv- but it’s hard sometimes. I feel like I have to use my brain so much all day- it’s nice to just sit and not have to think at the end of the night.

    Hooray for the Bachelor! There are some CRAZY chicks on there. I’m rooting for the horse girl and the rapping PHD girl.

    • Yeah, it is nice not to have use your brain after teaching/working all day.

      I missed The Bachelor last night, but I’m excited to watch it on Hulu later this week!

  3. Okay I’m back to reading your blog once and awhile. The snow will be gone today it’s back to being warm again. I kind of like it that way. I see snow in the background so looks wierd in MN here to see now snow again. We actually had ice. I might have to read that book or at least review it online. I was just talking about my mindless eating to a friend today.


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