Fitness Direction

I’m not quite sure the direction of my fitness regime these days.

I’ve thought about doing several different races this summer, but I haven’t committed to anything yet. In addition, I am also hoping to do a triathlon this spring, which has been something on my bucket list for about 10 years now.

I really want to run a marathon (or two) this year, but the opportunities in Alaska are limited, and I don’t think I’ll be able to fly out of state to run one. (I already have other trips planned to visit family and take a “real” vacation.) I’m optimistic something will work out, but as of right now, I’m not sure what/when that will be.

I do know that once the race seasons starts up (end of April for Anchorage), I want to run as many different races as possible. I love racing!

However, since I don’t have a specific goal to shoot for right now, I’ve been kind of doing it all since I’m an overachiever. I’ve been running 6 days a week, weight lifting 4 days a week, and practicing yoga 1-2 times a week. I would love to throw in swimming, but I think I’ll have to wait on that for right now.

With all these workouts to accomplish, I usually end up working out before and after school, which I don’t mind, but this also means I have less time to blog and cook. Blogging has taken a back-burner (as you have probably noticed), and I have been trying to cook and prep all of our meals on the weekends. I make meals that we can reheat when we get home since our schedules are so different, so it works out quite nicely.

Last week my workouts looked like this:

Monday – 6.5 mile run (AM)

Tuesday – 5 miles + 30 minutes of weight lifting (AM)

Wednesday – 30 minutes of weight lifting (AM) + 8.5 miles (track workout) (PM)

Thursday – 60 minutes of yoga

Friday – 3 miles + 25 minutes of weight lifting (AM) + 25 minutes weight lifting (PM)

Saturday – 9 miles

Sunday – 5 miles

Total mileage: 37 miles

I am also trying to complete Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer, which is virtual training program that focuses on building muscle and toning up.

I am on the start of week #3, but so far I love it! I’ve always enjoyed lifting weights, and I especially love having a pre-determined workout to follow—rather than ad libing every time I go to lift weights.

During the first 4 weeks of the plan, you are actually supposed to do little to no cardio, but I can’t live without my running, so I’m trying to do both. I was fine the first two weeks with 4 days of lifting weights, but week #3 has you doing 5 days of weights, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stick with it, but I’ll try because I’m an overachiever.

Yoga practices, stretching, and foam rolling are thrown into the mix when I “get” (take) the time to. I usually try to do some stretching and foam rolling before bed.

As you can see, working out takes most of my free time, but I love it, so why not? I’ve got to get ready for Hawaii in 23 days!!


6 responses to “Fitness Direction

  1. I really wanted to do Jamie Eason’s program, but it’s really hard to follow any regimented program like that when you teach several exercise classes a week. I need to find one that is developed for spin + bodypump instructors! I heard her meal plan is super strict, but legit. I didn’t really look at it, but am pretty sure that I’m not disciplined to follow it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    How many days til summer break….??? ๐Ÿ™‚

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