My 29th Birthday

I wish my birthday could be every day of the year!

I had a long streak of birthdays that were not so enjoyable: celebrating by myself, a stressful day at work on my birthday, and one birthday I spent trapped in my apartment all by myself because there was a blizzard outside. . . .not fun!

But this year’s birthday was a lot of fun!

My day started bright and early at 7 a.m. for a 14.5 mile run.

Any opportunity I have to run is a good one, but boy was this a tough run! It was snowing, the roads/paths weren’t plowed, and it was cold. But having people to run with helped.

After the run, Craig and I went to the gym where I lifted weights for 25 minutes. Then we came back home, I made myself some breakfast, got ready, and then chilled for a bit.

Next on the agenda: pedicures at Glaze Nail Bar.

What a trooper Craig is to get pedicures with me! 🙂

What a hottie. 😉

It was so relaxing just spending time with each other—talking, hanging out, and laughing. Good times.

I would highly recommend Glaze Nail Bar. We had a very positive experience and the price is pretty reasonable for what you get.

I got a fun, hot pink color for Hawaii. (The picture doesn’t accurately depict what they look like.)

I wasn’t willing to risk damaging my pedicure by putting my shoes on, so I was that crazy person who wears their flip flops in the middle of the winter.

Afterward, we went shopping at the mall for a little while. We just went to Gap where Craig got a pair of sunglasses for Hawaii, and I bought a pair of pink cropped pants.

We were really hungry, but the restaurant we planned on going to didn’t open for half an hour, so we went to the local bookstore to do some browsing.

For dinner, we chose to go to Maxine’s Fireweed Bistro. Maxine’s used to be located in Girdwood, AK (about 45 minutes from Anchorage). We went there a couple summers ago and loved it, so we were happy to hear they relocated closer to us.

The inside of the restaurant is small but has a welcoming and intimate setting.

I ordered the Coq Au Vin (chicken) with sweet potatoes on the side. The chicken was tender and very delicious. I really like it.

Craig ordered the Pork Tenderloin Medallions. I had a few bites, and while it was very good, I preferred my entree.

For dessert, we went to our favorite dessert place in town: Sugarspoon.

I had the most decatant red velvet cake with fresh raspberries in the cake and raspberry cream cheese frosting. It was the best birthday cake ever! (And sadly I forgot to bring the camera; the picture below is from a different post.)

To conclude our evening, we watched The Change-up, which I would not recommend–it was vulgar and pretty rough.

What a great day! If my birthday was any indication for what’s to come this year. . . .I think it’s going to be a good one. 🙂


7 responses to “My 29th Birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yay for 29 (30 is even better though!)
    Damn, 14.5 miles AND lifting? I’d say you earned that pedicure- and the birthday cake!
    The restaurant looks so different on the inside that it does on the outside- not what you would expect!
    I also have to add- as I’ve said before, I love that your hubby gets pedicures, but also- he is pretty darn hot. 🙂
    Have a great year! 🙂

  2. what a great birthday! and i can’t believe you lifted after that long run!! crazy girl. 🙂 i suppose it’s better than me- i lift a couple days before a long run, then wonder why my arms feel like a zillion pounds. ha!

  3. I know it’s almost a month after your birthday, but I just found your blog, so : happy birthday!

    It’s great that your husband goes for pedicures with you. I’m sure mine would make that same face if we went together 🙂

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