Thursday night I tried a new type of workout—TRX. And it was not easy!

I was invited by a friend to Elite Sports Performance to their core training class.

DSC 0006

Elite Sports Performance is located in a warehouse-type building in Anchorage. (It reminded me of Cross Fit places.)

DSC 0003

The walls were lined with all the equipment and the middle area had lines drawn on the floor for plyometric-type conditioning.

DSC 0002

For the TRX Suspension Training, we used straps that were suspended from beams and adjusted for various activities.

DSC 0004

We started the class with foam rolling, stretching, and plyometrics conditioning. We then moved onto balancing activities on the Bosu Ball and finally spent the last 25 minutes on TRX activities.

Here were some of the different moves we did. Except we were supposed to balance our hands on the Bosu Ball, which made it even more difficult.



Overall, it was tough! I consider myself in good, athletic shape, but this was a type of workout my body was not used to! I was surprised how my balance wasn’t as good as I thought it was, and my core muscles are definitely lacking.

I have to admit that I get a little frustrated when I don’t succeed at something the first time I try it, so I was a little hard on myself for not being able to keep up with everyone else. But it was still a great workout.


And now for some random Friday thoughts:

1. There are only 19 days of school left!! Yee haw!!

2. I ran 6 miles this morning. It was a good run—felt good, no pain, and I enjoyed the sunrise.

3. I painted my nails with this Essie nail polish last Friday, and it lasted an entire week without chipping! That’s really good for me—usually my nail polish chips after a couple of days.

DSC 0241

4. I have a 20-miler tomorrow on the schedule for tomorrow. The more long runs I do, the less anxious I get about them.

5. It is the weekend, what could be better?!?!

2 responses to “TRX

  1. Your Gym looks great and very much like CrossFit…If you like Suspended Bodyweight Training you should also take a look at adding Rotational Movement.

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