Protein Powders – Review

I eat quite a bit of protein powder since I don’t eat a lot of meat. I love making protein smoothies, homemade protein bars, and adding protein to my oatmeal. Over the years, I have tried quite a few protein powders, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on some of them.

I’m always on the hunt for a solid protein powder that doesn’t have artificial ingredients, a lot of sugar, and tastes good. I have found one in particular I’m a fan of, which I feature at the end. But first let’s start with the sub-par ones.

I really liked this protein powder but after seeing it had 13 grams of sugar per serving, I had to bid farewell to it. It is definitely the best-tasting protein powder I’ve tried, so if you don’t mind the extra sugar, I’d give this a try.













This plain soy protein powder, also from Genisoy, is a great option for those who don’t want any added flavor. (I used this to make soy protein bars since there are other ingredients that provide flavor to the bars.) I used this kind until I started buying plain protein powder from the bulk section simply because it is cheaper. The “ultra” kind has 25 grams of protein per serving, which is really good.

I’ve also tried this Nature’s Plus Spiru-tein vanilla protein powder. It was okay but nothing I would buy again. To me, it had a weird super creamy, tacky texture I just wasn’t a fan of. Plus it has a lot of mystery ingredients.

This Plant Fusion protein powder is by far my least favorite protein powder I’ve tried. I did not think it tasted good at all!

I was bummed because I had read a good review about it on a different blog, but maybe everyone’s tastes buds are different.

I love the ingredients and it is made only from plant sources, is gluten-free, and easily digestible. It does, however, have stevia in it, which I’m torn about how I feel.













And now for my favorite protein powder: Rainbow Light Creamy Vanilla Protein Energizer.

I love the ingredients, it is gluten-free, no soy, no dairy, or added sugar! Score! (It does have stevia in it though.)

But seriously, this has a very good flavor and awesome ingredients.

And even better than the vanilla flavor is the chocolate flavor!

But since I’m supposed to cut out chocolate after finding out I am slightly allergic to it, I’ve had hold off on it. (Although, I did cheat the other day by eating some chocolate chips.)

If I had to recommend any of these protein powders, this would be it!


I’ve been wanting to try Sunwarrior brand and Vega protein powders but they seem awfully expensive. Has anyone tried these? Do you have a favorite protein powder?


10 responses to “Protein Powders – Review

  1. i got a free sample of sunwarrior warrior blend raw protein vanilla and it was by far the best protein powder i’ve ever had. my husband drinks protein shakes (or eats protein bars) after lifting, and i can never tolerate any of them. but sunwarrior wasn’t gritty or fake-tasting at all. but you’re right- it is expensive, so i haven’t bought any yet.

    • I might have to bite the bullet and try Sunwarrior. I never drink the protein powder just mixed with water. I always make a smoothie with it.

  2. I think I’ve said this before, but I use the same brand as the ones you recommend. Have you tried the berry one? That’s my favorite. Do the others taste chalky to you? That’s my only beef with the Rainbow Light Energizer ones.

  3. Hi Michelle- my current go-to protein powder is the Vega chocolate protein powder. I buy it from where I can get it for $49.99 instead of the list price of $64.99 (+ free shipping). I really love it and think Brendan Brazier is kind of the guru on how to be a vegan (or vegetarian) athlete and still take good care of your body. Soy is a definite no for me personally because I’m just not comfortable with some of the things I have learned about it, so I love that this is plant-based and soy-free. My current favorite protein shake is 1 scoop chocolate Vega, 1 whole frozen banana, 1/2 cup unsweetened So Delicious coconut milk, and 1/2 cup Tempt unsweetened vanilla hemp milk. I swear I feel like I’m drinking a milkshake. Love love love. Anyway – just figured I’d give you some feedback on that.

  4. I just FINALLY bought SunWarrior for the first time- and I totally get what all the hype is about! I love it. I use it for baking ALL THE TIME (Microwave protein muffins especially). It’s really, really good.
    But, Vega Vanilla Chai is the best tasting powder I’ve had- period. It’s definitely worth the extra cash!

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