Shoe Review: Saucony Hurricane 14

I’m am really loving the Saucony brand for running shoes lately!

For several years, I was all about Asics, but then I started branching out and finding other brands of running shoes to try: MizunoBrooks, and Saucony. I’m glad I did because I’m really liking the Saucony shoes I’ve been running in recently.

DSC 0012

Prior to my current pair of Sauconys, I have run in the Saucony Triumph 6 and Triumph 7 as well as the Saucony Ride 3 and Saucony Ride 4

When I was shopping around for a new pair of running shoes a few months ago, I discovered that Saucony had changed their shoe by lowering the drop in height between the heel and forefoot. Most shoes have a drop in height from the heel to the toe of 12 mm or more. Saucony now has several shoes with a heel-to-toe drop of 8mm, which is supposed to encourage more of a mid-foot strike.

DSC 0009

I first ordered a pair of the Saucony Triumph 9, but they slipped off my heel (as many shoes do), but I loved the 8mm heel-to-toe drop, so I sent them back and ordered the Saucony Guide 5, but they also didn’t fit my foot very well. I was bummed, but then I went and tried on the Hurricane 14s at a local running store and fell in love with them. No heel slippage! So once again, I sent the Guide 5s back and ordered the Hurricane 14s. (I order almost all of my shoes through Online Shoes because they have free shipping to Alaska—something that is hard to come by!—and free return shipping if you order a different pair of shoes.)

DSC 0008

I don’t know what it is about the lower heel, but I really like how they feel when I run. I’ve put on other shoes after running in these, and I feel like I am wearing a high heeled shoe.  

DSC 0007

(I need to remember to take pictures of the shoes when they are new and not so dirty.) 

 Anyway, I loved how these fit. I love them even more (way more) than the Brooks I recently raved about. 

I really don’t have many complaints about them. The one downside is their pretty steep price at $139. I did get them at Online Shoes for $129, so I saved $10. I guess am willing to pay a little extra for a shoe that fits well. I’ve also noticed with shoes that are over $100, they seem to last longer, and I will often wear them more than 500 miles (very cautiously though—if I feel anything go wrong, I’ll switch to a different pair of shoes). 

DSC 0010

There is even small pocket on the tongue of the shoe to stick a key in. How awesome is that?

I love these shoes so much, I have already ordered a second pair. . .something I never do!

DSC 0011


4 responses to “Shoe Review: Saucony Hurricane 14

  1. i’ve been wearing brooks adrenalines for a loooong time (at least 9 years!) so i don’t ever try on other shoes. but these sound so neat that i want to give ’em a try!

  2. I agree with your review. Recently I have been running on Adidas Response Stability 4’s. After long runs I was getting sore calf muscles the next day, which I put down to the distance or stretching. I took a risk and paid the money for the Hurricane’s. I have done around a hundred miles in these and what a huge difference. The shoes feel really good when running and no more calf muscle problems! Like you I have ordered a second pair.

    • Awesome! I’m glad you agree. I really think the decreased heel height in the Hurricanes has something to do with my calf muscles not being so tight anymore too. My calves are notoriously tight, but after wearing the Hurricanes (and using the foam roller a lot), they aren’t nearly as tight as they used to be.

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