My Next Marathon

Some of you have been asking when my next marathon is. Well, since it is official, I can now give an update. And I’m happy to report my next marathon is not Boston. (I’m glad I don’t have to wait that long!)

Instead, I will be running the Twin Cities Marathon on October 7th!! 😀

Eeek!! I am SO excited that I:

1.) get to run a marathon again so soon! (Yes, I said “get.”)

2.) get to run a marathon with my sister! (I have been wanting to do this for several years now.)

3.) get to go back to Minnesota again so soon!! (double eek!!)

Craig and I will both be flying to Minnesota for an entire week, and I couldn’t be more excited!! Originally, we planned to go to Minnesota to see our favorite country music artist, Josh Turner, perform in Red Wing, MN. But when I found out the Twin Cities Marathon will be happening that following weekend, I couldn’t not run it!!

I have already started to train—hence the reason for starting to bump up my mileage already. I’m am very glad—and fortunate—to have the summer off to focus on training and run my little heart out. 🙂


This morning was a short 4 mile run but also very slow!

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 35 minutes

Average pace: 8:41 minutes/mile

I wore my new “spider women” Nike capris. I think these are supposed to act like compression/support areas for your IT band, knee, and calf areas. I mostly got them because they looked fun.

Plus, I couldn’t pass on the amazing good deal. Originally $100 and now $19.99! Thank you Nike Outlet at Medford Outlet Center (Medford, MN).

After my run, I had another bowl of Egg White Oatmeal. I really like how this tastes—plus it has a decent amount of protein.

There really is oatmeal under all those strawberries.


You must make these cookies!! They are incredibly good and VEGAN. . . .but you honestly wouldn’t know it. (And FYI: just because they are vegan doesn’t mean they are healthy though!)

Banana Everything Cookies

I followed the recipe exactly except omitted the chocolate chips because I didn’t have any.

I sent all the cookies to work with Craig (except the ones I ate last night), and within about an hour of him getting to work, he was calling me up to ask for the recipe since so many people were asking for it!! I think that’s a good sign.


I also wanted to share this YouTube video featuring my running idol, Kara Goucher. It is pretty funny and cute.


8 responses to “My Next Marathon

  1. Hey I just found your blog from another blog. I used to live in Alaska (Eagle River and Fairbanks) and my whole family still lives there, mostly in Eagle River. I was just up visiting last month (and I planned my family visit around Mayors Marathon). I live in Atlanta and of course Mayors this year was pretty warm!!! I read your race report from last year and it was comforting to me we had similar experiences. I didn’t expect the long Tank Trail either. I also run in Mizuno’s (Rocks in the shoes, ha ha) It was fun though. Not a PR but a decent finish. I’m new to reading your blog (nope I don’t have a blog, just follow and get inspired from them). i wish you the best at Twin Cities marathon. I’m planning on a half in Atlanta coming up. Not sure when my next full will be yet? Those cookies look great too. I will have to make those. Hope your training goes well. Hope you get some sunny days too. I know Anchorage weather all too well!!!!

    • I’m glad you found my blog! Luckily I did have a heads-up about the Tank Trail, but I still was not a fan–I’m a road runner all the way. Ugh! Tell me about the lack of sunny days here!

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