Favorite Hair Tools and Products

On the agenda for today’s run: Yasso’s 800s.

Track workout:

2 mile warm-up

0.5 mile dynamic warm-ups (high knees, butt kickers, accels, etc.)

8 x 800 meters [broken into 2 sets with 90 seconds of active recovery (jogging) in-between each interval]

my splits:





3 minutes rest (walking)





1.5 miles cool-down

Total distance: 8 miles

Time: 1 hour of actual running but it took me about 90 minutes to complete the full workout

This was definitely a tough workout. I was feeling it after the first set, but it has been about a month since I last did any speed/track workouts. Despite this, it was a good workout, and I am definitely faster and strong than I was last year where I was averaging 3:25 for my splits, so that was a good feeling!

In theory, Yasso’s 800s are supposed to be able to predict your marathon time, so this means (in theory) I should be able to run about 3:15 in the marathon. But seeing it didn’t predict my time last year, I’m not holding out for a 3:15 this time around, but I would be stoked if I ran 3:20!!


Arugula Salad

I’m not sure how I feel about arugula; it definitely has a unique flavor that my taste buds aren’t quite used to. I think more than anything, I want to like it, but I’m not sure I can get behind the spicy flavor.

I did spend some time searching for recipes online and it seemed that most recipes called for some type of sweet fruit to off-set the spicy arugula. So I added sweet nectarines, sharp cheddar cheese, and pecans to this salad, topped with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

It seems as though if you pair some type of fruit + cheese + nuts (preferably caramelized nuts!), you will have a pretty decent salad every time.


I know this is primarily a running and food blog, but also like to throw in a little “fashion” every once in a while because my motto is: “Running is our passion but we never forget about fashion.” 😉

So today we are talking hair. I have very thin hair that is pin-straight, so I’m always looking for ways and products to give me a little extra boost.

I am featuring some of my favorite hair tools and hair products that I’ve discovered. But I have to admit, the first four of these recommendations came from the blog The Small Things Blog; she really knows her hair stuff! You must go check out her blog if you need hair help. There are tons of tutorials for ponytails, curling your hair, and hair products listed on the blog.

BaBlyiss Pro Ceramix Xtreme

I’ve never owned anything but the cheap blow dryers from Target or Wal-Mart, but I was optimistic this would be worth the cost. And thankfully it was. I definitely think this hair dryer dries my hair faster and leaves it feeling softer, so I’m glad I paid the extra money for it.

GHD Classic Flat Iron

Now the cost of this baby was a bit more to get behind. I never thought I would own a flat iron that cost more than about $25, but I think there is a reason you get what you pay for. I love this flat iron—my hair is silky smooth after using it, my hair doesn’t get stuck or pinched in it, and it literally heats up in 10 seconds! I love this flat iron and don’t think I could go back to the cheaper ones.

Kenra Volume Spray Hairspray

Hands-down the best hairspray I have ever used! It works like a charm to create volume and acts as a nice finishing spray too. I will continue to buy this!

Aquage Uplifting Foam

I’ve tried a lot of different volumizing products out there and this is definitely a top contender. I feels regular mousse, but there is something about it that gives my hair some extra volume.

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

I think I like this, and I think it helps?? I’m not entirely sure, but I continue to use it. I think I just need to do a better test with it versus without it to determine if it helps or not.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

Out of all the products I’ve tried for helping my hair achieve some extra volume, this is the product I love the most. It comes out as a dust/chalk-like powder that is slightly wet (It is kind of weird.), but whatever it is, it works!

I have bought this product several times and plan to continue to use it.



What is your favorite track/speed workout?

Arugula. . . love it? hate it? Any good recipes out there?

What is your favorite hair tool and/or hair product?


5 responses to “Favorite Hair Tools and Products

  1. Great speedwork session. I like my CEPs too. I’m taking a break from full marathon distance and focusing on a half PR hopefully in Oct. When I did a training program for a my marathon PR and BQ the speedwork is what did it I feel. Having had a hard time going back to it (have had some injuries since). Getting back to it though. As far as hair products, I do love my flat iron. It’s a Paul Brown and well worth the money. I am looking at that blow dryer that you posted about. I have a cheap one now but really want to keep my hair damage free. With working out it takes a beating. Especially here in Atlanta. I did have good hair days when I was in Alaska last month. I love salad too. That one looks good.

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