Recovery Runs

Wow! I think my Sunday workouts are one of my hardest workouts of the week. I know that is hard to believe since it is a relatively short run and I can run whatever pace I’d like, but after coming off a long run the day before and severely lacking enough fuel, I often have to drag myself through these runs.

It is good practice for the last 5-6 miles of the marathon though, that’s for sure!

Sunday’s workout:

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 43:34

Average pace: 8:42 minutes/mile

It was raining on Sunday, so I made sure to wear a hat, which makes all the difference when running in the rain.

This morning I didn’t know what my body was going to feel up to after Sunday’s run, but I woke up feeling pretty good.

I love that I can go to bed feeling fatigued and my legs lacking energy but then wake up the next morning feeling significantly better. I wasn’t feeling 100% this morning but a whole lot better than I was Sunday morning.

Monday’s workout:

Distance: 9 miles

Time: 1:13

Average pace: 8:06 minutes/mile

Course: Hills!

Today I decided to do a hill workout. Sometimes I will run repeats on the same hill, but today I simply picked a hilly course. I was definitely feeling it, but I was also grateful my body is able to handle the high mileage right now. πŸ™‚

Workouts for July 9-15:

Monday: 8 miles (track workout: 8 x 800 meters)

Tuesday: 6 miles + 30 minutes weight lifting

Wednesday: 10 miles + 10 minutes abs

Thursday: 8 miles + 25 minutes weight lifting

Friday: 8 miles

Saturday: 5K race + long run = 15 miles total

Sunday: 5 miles + 3 mile walk

Total: 60 miles


Links you might find interesting. . . . .

So this is why Craig can detect an order in his urine and I cannot after eating asparagus! Do you have the gene?

We had one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record and that trend seems to be continuing into the summer. So far we are having the coldest July on record as well. Our average temperature this month has been 52*. . . . . .FIFTY-TWO!! Ugh!! This is NOT summer.

I made this pizza crust a couple weeks ago and it is going to be on the menu again this week. I love crunchy/crispy thin pizza crusts, so this is perfect for achieving that.

10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know – Some Americans might take offense to the things in this blog post, but I was really intrigued by it. I have not traveled the world, so I found these things very interesting.


Now I’m off to go finish reading about children killing one another (a.k.a. The Hunger Games). Doesn’t it sound awful when you put it that way! I really enjoyed the movie, so I decided to finish reading the book. (I had read a handful of chapters before seeing the movie.) I’ve never read a book after seeing the movie, but it is bizarre. I want to create my own scenes and images in my head, but I keep thinking about the scenes from the movie. Next time I’ll be sure to read the book first—although then the movie is always a disappointment. Yet, at the same time I don’t want to read the book after seeing the movie either. I guess the only solution is to do one or the other and not both.


7 responses to “Recovery Runs

  1. that pizza crust sounds great! have you tried using any whole wheat flour or just white? most recipes i’ve tried using whole wheat flour aren’t good…. so i’m trying to adapt a regular recipe.

    • Just white. I might try adding 1/4 – 1/3 whole wheat flour next time though. I agree, it is hard to find a good whole wheat pizza crust.

  2. Those are some swift paces! Reading about your workouts is so motivating!

    52 degrees sounds like HEAVEN to me right now! In Wisconsin we are having the hottest July ever (combined with the worst drought since the dust bowl!), with several days of 100+ degrees so far. I’ve been dreaming of fall for weeks!

  3. Thanks for sharing the “10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know” very true πŸ™‚

  4. So jealous of your weather! We’re under a heat advisory and I’m over it. All I can think about is cooler temps with the Fall and making “Fall” foods πŸ˜›

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