80 Mile Week

Woo hoo!! I made it. . . .my first 80 mile week is in the books.

Here’s how my week went down:


AM – 8 miles (track workout: 4 x 1600 meters)

PM – 4 mile run


10 mile run (+ 45 minutes weight lifting—arms and legs)


AM – 11 miles (8 miles at marathon pace)

PM – 4 miles


9 miles (+ 45 minutes weight lifting—arms and legs)


7 miles


20 miles (which included a 10K race)


7 miles

Total: 80 miles

(These are the shirts from the Alaska 10K Classic yesterday.)

I felt good throughout the week, but racing a 10K on Saturday and then completing a long run until I got to 20 miles did me in yesterday. I took this morning’s 7-miler nice and easy, so hopefully I will be able to recovery and get back at it tomorrow.

I’m kind of an over-achiever, so as much as I’m excited about reaching 80 miles this week, now I have make a new goal for myself—running 90 miles! And since 80 miles went well this past week, I figure why not shoot for 90 this week. Wish me luck! I’ll be checking in periodically to let you know how it’s going. ๐Ÿ™‚

Be good to me legs. . . . .


8 responses to “80 Mile Week

    • Oh gosh, no! It is all relative because there are tons of people out there running 100+ miles, which is a whole lot more than what I’m doing right now.

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