Fall Cleaning

What a lovely weekend it has been. Well. . . .except for that white stuff that started falling from the sky Saturday afternoon. Grrr!!!

We ended up getting about an inch that accumulated and covered the ground. But, fortunately, the sun came out today and melted almost all the evidence away. (Look how bitter I am; I wrote all of that without using the s-word.)

(Actually, it snowed Saturday, September 29 too, but Craig and I were in Minnesota enjoying sunny skies and 70*.)

I told myself I was going to take the whole week off from running in order to recover from the Twin Cities Marathon, but by Thursday I got the itch and had to go out for a run Friday morning.

I ended up doing a run/walk for 3 miles because I was still sore from the marathon. My right butt and right hamstring were bothering me, so I took it slow.

I had to buy these gloves in Minnesota for the marathon because I was not expecting it to be 30* at the start! I’m so glad my GPS died after I was done running. After having a GPS for almost a year, I don’t think I could go without it now. I love it oh so much.

I sported my race shirt from the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend.

Saturday morning I slept in until 7 a.m., which is late for me! For breakfast Saturday morning, I tried Tina’s 2-ingredient pancake. I was craving pancakes and didn’t want to make an overabundance of pancakes, so I gave this a try.

What could be easier than mashing a banana and then whisking an egg in? I was really impressed with this, but unfortunately this did not satisfy my pancake craving. 😕 It was good but didn’t really taste like a pancake. Oh well, I’d still make it again—just not if I was craving pancakes.

I went on a reorganizing spree Saturday morning starting at 8:30 a.m. that continued non-stop until 9:30 p.m.

It all started with the pantry. I’ve been wanting to reorganize our pantry and since there was no long run scheduled for this weekend, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to take on some more time-consuming projects.

Then after reorganizing the pantry, I got the urge to continue on with the living room.

Our living went from looking like this:

to this:

and from this:

to this:

A couple hours into the project, it looked as though a tornado had gone through our apartment. (This was just a small part of it.)

And somehow, the kitchen exploded as well.

But now that everything is back in its place and the clutter has been organized and reduced, I feel much better.

I went for a nice 3 mile run this morning. I’m still hurting a little from the marathon, so I know I’ve got to take it easy. I have an appointment scheduled with my massage therapist this week who does Active Release Therapy (ART) and that should hopefully help my aches and pains.

It was SLOW going this morning because the roads were very icy! Goodbye 8-minute miles. . . .hello 9:30-minute miles. I’m not particularly excited about this, but I still love any run no matter the pace.

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and you take time for yourself this week.


7 responses to “Fall Cleaning

  1. I can’t believe you have snow already; does that mean you end up with almost half a year of snow? It doesn’t actually snow where I live so the white stuff is a total novelty to me, but I can imagine why it would be a real pain in the butt.

  2. i did a lot of organizing/rearranging last week too! we got rid of a few large items we didn’t need any longer via facebook, then took a bunch of bags to goodwill. such a good feeling to get rid of clutter!

    • I would definitely look forward to cooler temperatures if it got truly hot here in the summer, but an average temp of 56* this summer is pretty sad.

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