Zensah Running Gloves Review

I was familiar with the brand Zensah for their compression leg sleeves.

What I didn’t know was that the company also makes gloves!

A representative from the company contacted me and offered to send me a pair of gloves to try out now that it is winter here. (It snowed yesterday. I was not thrilled.)

These Smart Touch Running Gloves are ideal for running and operating your iPod/iPhone while running.

I wore the gloves on a couple of runs and loved how they fit. The fabric was very soft and the inside was fleece-lined for a very comfortable fit. I really appreciate when designers add as many reflective parts to their products since running in the daylight will not occur very often for the next six months for me.

The palms have a sticky, grippy pattern that is great for opening doors or holding onto objects. The fingertips also have a special fabric that allows you to operate touch-screen devices easily.

I really appreciate the nose-wiper section on the thumb. I frequently have to wipe my nose when running in the winter. Gross but necessary.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Zensah gloves. I had no idea that the company had other products besides the compression gear. (They also have cute running clothes on their website.) But I have to be honest, I would have a hard time paying $30 for these gloves since I don’t listen to music or use touch-screen devices while running. But I was able to operate our laptop, which was pretty cool.


5 responses to “Zensah Running Gloves Review

  1. I think those gloves look amazing, but I am normally a mitten wear-er because i feel like my hands stay warmer. I am definitely going to check out the site.

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