Birthday Success

Saturday was Craig’s birthday, and we made sure to celebrate big and in style! I had so much fun it felt like my birthday!

We started out with breakfast in bed. Pumpkin pancakes with homegrown bacon from my parent’s farm, plus orange juice, iced coffee, and a small bowl of gummy bears (One of Craig’s favorite candies.).

Before making breakfast, I had set Craig’s birthday gift on the table. I made him stay in bed until I brought him breakfast because I didn’t want him to see his gift.

I ended up buying the Apple Thunderbolt Display (which is just a monitor) even though this was not what I really wanted to give him. The store was out of the iMac, which is what I really wanted. Since I wanted to have something tangible to give to Craig, I bought this, just so I would have an actual gift.

When Craig came out of the bedroom, he walked right up to the table, looked for something hanging on the chair and then walked right back to the bedroom. I just sat there in amazement thinking: how did you possible miss a box that huge! Within a few seconds, he walked back to the table and immediately saw it. He was pretty surprised and had to go all gangster on me to give his approval. (I have no idea what he is doing in this picture.)

After chilling at home for a while, we went to Glaze Nail Bar for pedicures. It has become a birthday tradition.

I got my black toenails covered up with a dark purple nail polish that looks almost black, so now it looks like I have ten black toe nails instead of only two. Wonderful.

Craig has been wanting to go to Acai Alaska for quite some time, so we headed there for an afternoon snack.

They make very delicious acai bowls that bring me back to the days of Hawaii. I had the Mauna Kea bowl.

Another one of the many faces of my husband.

That evening we had a birthday party at Dish Sushi Restaurant. We invited a bunch of friends and family and enjoyed some delicious sushi and time hanging out with everyone.

Craig’s aunt made this beautiful cake. That’s a picture of Craig when he was about 18 years old. He is holding up a bunch of fish (salmon) he caught while fishing one summer.) The cake says: Craig, Happy 28th Birthday; Bracing for 30.

The birthday boy getting ready to blow out all 28 candles.

It was a wonderful day, and I think Craig enjoyed his special day!


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