I secretly think our gym is trying to make people gain weight. The fact our gym offers free pizza the first Monday of every month seems like a nice treat, it also kind of makes me wonder how serious they are about healthy living.

Sometimes I buy “bad”/unhealthy foods and end up being too tempted by them, so I have to secretly hide them from myself. But when you live in a 800 square foot apartment, the places are kind of limited, (Although I have had Craig hide items from me before.) so you have to get creative. This time, I resorted to the trunk of my car. Yes, this might be strange, but it helps me forget about them!

I went to the chiropractor today to get an adjustment, and I hope that is the secret to reliving me of this hip/glute pain once and for all!

I’ve tried resting. I’ve tried massage therapy. I ice twice a day, take ibuprofen, foam roll, stretch, do yoga, and so far none of that has helped. As I thought about it more, I thought, well maybe my neck, spine, and hips are out of alignment, which has prevented my body from being able to heal properly. I don’t know for sure–only time will tell, but I sure do hope it works! The chiropractor did say that muscle injuries (those that aren’t severe) usually take 3-10 days to heal. If you still aren’t feeling better after 10 days, than maybe something else is wrong.

I am secretly considering buying this for Craig for Christmas. How cool would that be to blend your own smoothie while riding a bike. Hmm. . .I wonder if you could blend “on the go”—and literally blend while riding somewhere?!?! You could ride the bike around the neighborhood and sell healthy fruit smoothies to the kids instead of ice cream treats!!

I woke up sick this morning. No fun. My chest burns every time I cough, and it was really hard to muster up the energy this after to do my work. BUT I am so glad I did not have to find the energy to teach! Now that would have been difficult. In the past, the secret has been taking lots of echinacea. Here’s to hoping it works!

I am secretly thankful there is no snow on the ground yet!! Okay, so that’s no secret. You all know I despise. winter.



What’s a secret you would like to share!


7 responses to “Secrets

  1. Yes the gym trick is well-known all around the globe: I live in The Netherlands. Just before Christmas/Easter holidays several gym instructors at my gym give away candies, choco-Santa Claus, chocolate eggs – thus making sure that clients will come back after the holidays! It is a common misconception among gym clients that if you exercise more, you can eat more unhealthy food.

    Instead of hiding inhealthy treats, try not bying them!

    I hope your leg heals soon. Last year I had an injury at the tendons at my ankle, and I got over it initially with rest, and then spinning, cycling, weight lifting. I also started walking barefoot at home, and I now wear running shoes with very little heel support.
    You have an interesting blog, your posts are always polished and well-balanced. Congrats.

    • I agree: exercising more does not mean you can indulge in whatever you want! Sure you can splurge a little here and there, but you (I) still have to be very careful. Hence, the reason I had to hide those cookies in my trunk. And I agree, I shouldn’t have bought them in the first place, but I was going through a cycle of allowing myself to have some treats here and there, but then it just got out of control. So rather than throwing them out, I hid them from myself.

      I’m glad you enjoy my blog posts!

  2. hope the chiropractor helped! yesterday i ran for about 25 min w/ no pain! this was after standing in line to vote for an hour, so maybe the secret was a ton of standing? not sure, but i’ve been foam rolling/stretching like crazy.

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