Down Week

It hasn’t been a particularly good week for me. I have been sad, mad, frustrated, angry, bitter, depressed. . . .you name it, I’ve had every negative emotion this week.

There hasn’t been one thing in particular that has gotten me down this week, rather several things:

– I’m still not 100% better after being sick last week, which makes me feel drained. Plus, it is annoying to have to cough all the time and blow my nose every 2 minutes.

– It is winter here—snow on the ground, 15* F this morning, and the daylight is nearly non-existent.

– PMS (Enough said.)

– I can’t run. This really makes me really depressed. My glute does not seem to want to heal, and I am REALLY missing my daily run.

Overall, I’ve just felt down, and I am really hoping things improve next week.

There were two things that made me smile this week:

flowers from my husband.

and a new running shirt that came in the mail today.


12 responses to “Down Week

  1. Sorry about the bummer week! I feel like I was right there with you, though my frustrations came mostly from work. Hope the glute starts to heal up quickly so you can get back to running!

    • Fortunately/unfortunately, I’ve tried all of those: yoga, swimming, stationary bike, elliptical, weight lifting, abs. . . .all of it. It kind of helps–it is better than no exercise–but nothing compares to running. :/

  2. Hang in there girly the holidays are coming so hopefully that will be a nice way to enjoy the weather. I have been there.. I know what you are going through! Listen to your body and soon you will zipping along running again, take time to heal.

    • Yeah, but unfortunately the holidays aren’t any better because I won’t be with my family. Spending the holidays with a different family–with different traditions–just isn’t the same. I’m going to try running again tomorrow, and I’m hoping there’s no pain. (fingers crossed!)

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Your husband is so sweet, the flowers he gave you are beautiful and they bring sunshine to Alaska!
    Yes it is hard to stay optimistic while injured. We’ve all been there. Every. single. runner. Hang in there, stay fit doing other types of (boring, I know!) exercise and remember that post-injury you will come back as a stronger runner both physically and mentally.

    • I rarely get injured (Yes, I know I’m lucky.), which is why this is especially tough for me. Okay, I take that back, I’m sure any injury is tough for every runner.

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