Unsuccessful Black Friday

I had very good intentions of running this morning, but all day Thursday my throat was really sore, the body aches were coming on, and I had a headache. (I never get headaches.) NOOO, I can’t be getting sick again. I was finally almost over my sickness from just two weeks ago! So I decided to sleep in this morning and not push my body. I also wanted to give my glute one more day off so that it hopefully heals completely!?!

I have been downing the Airborne in hopes it helps. This flavor tastes really good, and I’ve heard that it really works and prevents you from getting sick! (I just saw that if you ‘like’ their page on Facebook, you can get 4 free samples of Airborne.)

Since I had some extra time this morning, I decided to venture to Target to see if I could score any good Black Friday deals. When I got there at 8 a.m., it looked like any other time I go to Target—in terms of the number of people shopping, which I was happy to see.

I only ended up with one thing in my cart. I picked out this movie with Craig in mind, but come to find out it is not good at all, I guess. Oh well. it was only $6—actually $5.95 because I brought my own bag.

I don’t have any PTO left, so I was at work today. I made sure to down the liquids: Airborne, water, and electrolytes in hopes of warding off any sickness.

I have tried several different brands of electrolytes but my favorite still remains those from Nuun. I love the flavors and the tablets dissolve really well.

Craig came and had lunch with me since he took the day off. I’m not quite sure how he managed this, but he bit right into the middle of his tongue. If I bite my tongue, I usually end up biting the side, so I’m puzzled how he chomped down in the middle. Poor guy.

Last year at this time, I was in North Carolina with my sister getting ready to surprise my parents who were flying in the next day. They had no idea I had flown to NC as well!


What is a bad movie you’ve recently seen?

(For me: The Capgain, which I “watched” last weekend.)

Would you rather bite your tongue or get a paper cut?


3 responses to “Unsuccessful Black Friday

  1. It was like this in Fairbanks for Black Friday too….like the Alaska winter day doesn’t start until 10am. No matter what. I hope you feel better soon!

    • I *definitely* notice that the light determines when people start their day. In the winter people aren’t out and about until 10 a.m. and in the summer people start their day at 4 a.m.

  2. wow, that’s crazy that target was so empty at 8 am on black friday! i was in MI and our hotel was right by the mall….even though it was in the 20s/30s overnight people had already started camping out early on thursday afternoon. crazy. i am a frugal shopper, but so not into black friday lines.

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